Blending Future and Past: Read Only Memories Coming to PS4 & PS Vita

Posted by John James on Nov 19, 2015 // Lead Artist/Director, MidBoss:
It had been a long time coming, so when the MidBoss team decided to form a game studio and asked me to be the Director and Lead Artist, things just kind of slid into place. We had just finished running the first of what became the annual GaymerX convention, so the words “make your own games” were still ringing in our ears, I think. I had experience with and a fondness for 2D art and we all loved narrative driven gameplay, so an adventure game was kind of a natural step for us. We decided to both honor the classic aesthetics of an older genre but also revitalize it with a more modern spin on characters, storytelling, and even mechanics. With all of these pieces in place, plus a sweet cyberpunk finish, Read Only Memories was born.

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DigitalRaptor1156d ago

Looks great.

Reminds me of Policenauts and Snatcher.

Darkwatchman1155d ago

That trailer is so old school. You caught my attention.

1154d ago