Opinion FPS Campaigns Are Dying, and That’s Awful

Star Wars Battlefront. Rainbow Six Siege. Evolve. Titanfall. Besides being some of this generation’s highest-profile first-person shooters, they also all share another, more worrying trait: a complete and total lack of a narrative-driven single-player campaign.

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JJShredder1066d ago

If you are going to make a game MP-only, then the damn thing better be stuffed with content at launch or release DLC for free!

Same thing with single player games like The Order, while I enjoyed it, I only played $20 and beleive thats all they cost.

MP-only and SP-only games are OK, however this blanket $60US for every new release game need to just friggen end.

I would happily pay $80 for The Witcher 3 for the amount of content it has and I would also pay the same amount for Battlefront.....if it included ALL future DLC!

It's not the lack of features or modes, it's the lack of justification for a standard price tag on games which is the issue.

_-EDMIX-_1066d ago

Agreed. I tried of those games that are coming out with tacted on MP or tacted on with SP JUST to be full price.

Their MP isn't some Counter Strike or Battlefield

Their SP isn't some Half Life 2 or Bioshock

Yet people are begging for a bullet point by teams that don't even do one of the features well. The only series I recall that actually doe this extremely well was the Halo series, many love the single players, the MP was AMAZING. Though I'm not sure how good the series is now, I"m just speaking about how it was prior or could still be, not sure.

If a team has a concept that great for a MP only game...make it happen.

IF a team has a concept for a great single player game....make it happen.

But I don't care for these add ons of modes by teams that don't even do them well.

Consider teams are COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER to make some of the BEST FPS titles to date, so do people really think a MP only type team can just bang out a single player FPS title that can rival Bioshock or Half Life 2?

The reality is....the teams that do those games well, do them well for a reason.

I'd rather have $80 for Star Wars as a MP ONLY TITLES WITH ZERO SP AT ALL (those missions are not that great, they are fun...I'd rather they spent that time and effort in more MP maps, honestly)

With all the maps free, so I agree, I feel that is just and fair, but I under stand if they charge something different as that varies from title to title.

I personally don't want DICE wasting time with single player in the next Star Wars Battlefront as they don't even make good SP titles to begin with out side of Mirrors Edge.

People are asking for the feature as if it was going to be good in the first place lol.

SolidGear31066d ago

Except for Bad Company.. Gotta admit that those were a complete package with the campaign and multiplayer.

_-EDMIX-_1066d ago

@Solid- though I liked Bad Company 2's SP, it wasn't something I would ever actually buy the game solely for. Consider I didn't like it enough to play BF3 or BF4's single player, though I would consider playing BFBC3's single player if it had the same trio, was filled with the lolz.

ninsigma1066d ago

Definitely agree. I very much enjoyed the order as well and it's biggest issue really was charging full price for a short to average length sp game. It's time to price games according to their content. We're paying 70 to 75 euro now for the standard editions alone these days which is ridiculous. If the price goes up again I won't be buying games new.

jb2271065d ago

It's a tough proposition for me because I really dug The Order too but I agree it didn't offer much replay value. The thing is, I don't even play MP so I'm personally fine w/ the lack of that component, and I've even played SP campaigns equal to or shorter than The Order & felt justified in the full price because the game kinda drew me back in for multiple playthroughs. Something about The Order made me feel the same way I did about Heavy Rain, I definitely enjoyed my time w/ it but something I can't put my finger on just didn't draw me back in for multiple playthroughs like Uncharted or Dead Space did last gen. Definitely looking forward to a sequel if it happens though, because I think if they added just a couple more different gameplay variations & cut some of the cinematics back in favor of in game conversations to move the story along, then it would be an amazing title for sure, would definitely have dug a few more hours though so I'd say the next game would have a long & meaty campaign after the criticisms.

ninsigma1065d ago

The small variety in game play might have been the kicker for ya. I thought the tps was top notch and super solid. Other than that though you had the lycan boss fights (which were fine but reusing it as the last boss was a bit disappointing) and the parts where the lycans charge at you (which I thought was a worse version of what dead space did). Then there was a bit of instanta fail qte sections. So not much variety. I really did enjoy the shooting sections. I didn't mind the length either.
I hope for a sequal as well. Despite the unwarranted hate and bandwagon bashing it was a solid game with SOME flaws that I think deserves a 7.5 for what it was.

UserNameIsNotTaken1066d ago

They are not dying. The devs are just not taking good care of it.

Lennoxb631066d ago

I just think devs aren't making it a priority any more. Lots of people are going to play the campaign once and never play it again.

_-EDMIX-_1066d ago

Agreed. If its added on and the team makes multiplayer titles....I don't want it in the first place.

Titanfall did good call in not making a SP in the first place. If ReSpawn wants to focus on making a great MP only title, they should just go ahead. If they don't want to make it, I don't want a feature they don't even want to do.

Bioshock, Half Life 2, Alien Isolation etc are made to be single player titles, I would not expect any MP from those titles to be in line with a competitive shooter, thus....why are many expecting such quality from single player games from teams that don't even have a history of making them well?

Left 4 Dead has no single player story was NEVER created to be like Dead Space, Resident Evil etc, thus...a single player isn't "missing" it was never going to exist in the first place. So the hate with Evolve makes no sense, hate it for it not being a good game, not for not being a game it was never even stated to ever be or a feature or concept the team has never even promoted or done to my knowledge.

SolidGear31066d ago

Actually when I had a 360 I bought the L4D games just for single player and enjoyed the hell out of them :3

ZaWarudo1066d ago

If you can do both GOOD, then sure. But i'd rather use all resources for multiplayer if it's multiplayer focused, Vice-vesa for single player.

Not every multiplayer focused game needs a campaign to justify the price. Just give us a multiplayer game filled to the brim with content.

But like i said, i'm all for it if you can do both good, like Gears of War 3 and the Halo games.

Elda1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

In my book if it doesn't have a campaign I'll pass,I can do without multi-player.

_-EDMIX-_1066d ago

You say this as if, if it did you would play it just for that.

Consider titles that have multiplayer added in after the fact are not just amazing things to competitive mp players.

As someone that put 400 hours in TF2, 700 hour in BFBC2, 300 hours in BF3 etc I don't seek to play multiplayer portions of games by teams that don't even have a history of making them or better yet making the "good".

Do you just think those that play multiplayer titles are out here looking to get Far Cry, Bioshock 2, God of War Ascension, Dead Space 2 the list goes on.

Do you just think I buy those and have a blast for its MP? The reality is, I wouldn't buy any of those titles SOLELY for MP, as to why you would with some titles is beyond me. Some teams make MP titles add SP as an after thought, I would ignore those single players the same I ignore those MPs from tacked on teams.

Sorry but all single player campaigns are not just created equal, I'm not sure why anyone would just play it, do to it existing. Because its in the game, doesn't actually mean its good and hose teams clearly will have a history of not creating good ones.

Elda1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

The way I feel about the subject of this article was stated in my comment.

_-EDMIX-_1066d ago

@Elda- If you mean regarding it tacked on, disregard what I stated. I understand what you mean completely in that regard. Mybad.

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