Retro Review: Soul Edge is a high caliber fighter

Before SoulCalibur, there was Soul Edge. Take a look back on this arcade fighting original.

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GrantPatterson1066d ago

I think that this game is certainly a "forgotten classic," but it will forever be known as the game that set the stage for the eventual perfection that was SoulCalibur. I feel that Soul Edge was not a perfect game, and had a great many flaws that kept it from being as groundbreaking and different as the games that would follow in its footsteps.

fei-hung1066d ago

Do you remember how the game had interactive endings for some characters?

Genova841066d ago

Couldn't agree more. My friend had soul edge on psx, which made me buy soul calibur day 1 on dreamcast. So many hours sunk into that game. Probably as many as MK Trilogy, which is still my favorite 1v1 fighter.

We still play soul calibur 2 during my video game nights. Solid series.

Ingram1066d ago

ugh... that title pun thou dude