More Games Should Follow Fallout 4's Release Model

OnlySP: Five months.

Fallout 4 was announced and released within a total of five months, following years of speculation from the games press and fans alike. The game has raked in $750 million in its first week of availability. In comparison, Black Ops 3 brought in $550 million for Activision. More developers and publishers need to take note of this.

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nX1067d ago

Almost every game, at least with triple-A production values, should follow Fallout 4's business model... but as long as publishers like EA and Activision exist this unfortunately remains utopic.

Livecustoms1066d ago

Add Ubisoft to that list, Watch Dogs took years to after it was announced to come out and what about The Division, they really need to stop announcing games so early lol

Paytaa1067d ago

It was the perfect way to keep the game relevant for that span of time. No bullshots and no downgrades. They showed off the game in the announce trailer in-game, followed up with gameplay at E3 and then a few more trailers for more insight on the game leading up to launch.

With AAA games that are part of large pre-
existing franchises like Halo, CoD, Fallout, Battlefield, Uncharted, etc. They should be announced within a year of release because the hype will stick with it since it'll be launch day sooner rather than later. But of course when you have annual yearly franchises the fatigue will set in because of that anyway but Fallout proved that when you have a game of that caliber spaced out from its predecessor, then you can find success without hyping a game up for 2-3 years.

More devs/publishers need to take note of this.

Heyxyz1066d ago

Yes, every dev should do this...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1066d ago

I agree up until the actual release. I love the game, but I was seriously upset that the FIRST terminal I touched I got stuck between uneven floor and the terminal therefore could do nothing but restart.

Imalwaysright1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

When you're playing a Bethesda game you need to save every 5 minutes and keep at the very least 2 save files.

Nero21421066d ago

Meanwhile , Ea prepares another tweet about how good ME andromenda looks

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