Street Fighter V's Booty-Gate 2015

We've recently seen a lot of controversy stirred up over several very minor changes to the current build of Street Fighter V. But the question is; are gamer's reactions over-the-top or completely justified?

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vanity291089d ago

Booty is booty. Ill fight for booty

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FamilyGuy1089d ago

Unnecessary censorship, the ESRB is there for a reason and I'm positive a butt slap is gonna push some "T" rating over to "M". Some overly sensitive loud-mouths causing a game they probably wouldn't even have purchased to be changed is absurd. The game has so much character with funny animations like that, changing it after showing it this way originally is an injustice.

The game looks great so I won't be boycotting it regardless but this is still a shame.

gamer78041089d ago

its spreading, we have to voice opinions or it will continue even if it doesn't in a particular instance bother us.

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