Popit - Gaming Revolution?

LittleBigPlanet, desired and now dated, is going to be like a super-quick, high-def scaffolding simulator, the only bit missing being the lack of 25-year old dolly birds to whistle at. Although, given LBP's flexible editing suite, maybe even that will be possible.

And it's the editing suite and the cutely titled Popit interface that are going to propel LBP from rambunctiously charming platformer to a seminal, generation defining game.

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Amp3810d ago

What will make the game huge, is the individual preferenecs that each user creates. Not only will the levels designed by Media Molecule be awesome, the love that each user puts into one of their levels will keep them comming back for more.The sackboy and girl are very appealing, and make grown men and women want to act like kids again. Its a perfect formula for a hit, with almost limitless potential.

PimpHandStrong3810d ago

makes the grown man want to hug a puppy

3810d ago
Surfman3810d ago

Its nice to see all the joy for this game. Alot of gaming website says that LBP will be huge, im sure they're right. LBP is on my "must buy" list.

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The story is too old to be commented.