Burger King Games Sell As Much As Gears of War

The Burger King Corporation announced last night that more than 2 million BK Xbox games have been sold at Burger King restaurants in just four weeks. This collection of games have sold as much as Gears of War but then the comparison is not fair considering the difference in prices...

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Fuzz McDeath5260d ago

...Even I laughed at these games at first when I heard about the promotion - it seemed so dumb. Maybe marketers and advertisers sometimes know what they are doing. Sounds like the BK/XBOX cross promotion is working. the funny thing is, my friend scott got all three (guess he likes BK) and says they're actually pretty fun (he really likes Sneaking). I was also thinking the other day, they'd make great stocking-stuffers (4 bucks a piece? cheap!) for your 360 fanatic family members...

DEIx15x85259d ago

I went to BK twice in three days just to get all three games. I find sneaking to repetitive, Big Bumpin' is my favorite. The graphics are great and it's allot of fun!

PS360PCROCKS5260d ago

It was a goofy idea at first but looks like it payed off after all...I mean not only did they get to sell 2 million value meals...they sold 8 million extra in games, BK is very smart today

PS3n3605260d ago

BK pocketbike racer is a really really good game. Its short but it has that mario kart appeal that I really enjoy. Definately need to pick it up. The achievements are fun as well like the wheelie and the 50 ft jump.

benihya5259d ago

you guys have convinced me to buy one, but I still need a homeless person to give the sandwich to.

DG5259d ago

ROFL...hey their chicken sandwich isnt that bad...honestly.

DixieNormS5259d ago

This game is the bomb. I played it for 3 hours once.

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