EPIC Games Paragon’s third hero, Sparrow, has been revealed

Keith: EPIC Games has announced their 3rd hero in their upcoming team-based FPS title “Paragon“, an archer known as Sparrow. Joining the cast of the previously known characters, Twinblast and Steel, Sparrow beings a different style to the game while using a bow and arrows with some sort of either magical or energy based properties and judging from her description “Move with grace, Strike with fury”, one would speculate that she incorporates speed into her attacks, more of a supporting character.

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GrimDragon1068d ago

This looks interesting. For a second I thought this was a destiny article.

Timesplitter141068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Seemed like a MOBA FPS at first, but since they only have 5 heroes (looks like it, at least), I'm thinking it may be something different.

Not sure what to think of this game in general though. The character designs look very uninspired

Paytaa1068d ago

I feel like it's going to be EPIC's attempt at an Overwatch type of game

TeamLeaptrade1068d ago

I'm interested to see how this game is. It looks interesting enough though, so I'll be checking it out.