Fallout 4 Angry Joe Review

AngryJoe emerges from Vault 117 to Play and Review Fallout 4! How does the game stack up? Could it be Game of the Year?

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the_hitman30001090d ago

So I been interested in this game but I'm nervous. Can anyone with the Ps4 version tell me if it runs good? I know Bethesdas track record with ps3.

fudgenasty211090d ago

the game is good but frame rate dips all the time

NewMonday1090d ago


PS4 is standard architecture so not the same issue., the drops are just a couple of frames occasionally, the bigger 10 frame drops are very situational and you may encounter them only a handfull of times the whole game.

Dee_Blessed1090d ago

Can this be fixes via update? Because if so I will purchase game after update

Lord_Sloth1090d ago

It does dip but hasn't dipped by much for me.

Elwenil1090d ago

Honestly there are a few FPS issues and a bit of trouble with the AI but nothing that makes me feel like I am not having a great time. The issues are not very common and I would definitely buy the game and play it now unless you intend to hide in a hole to keep away from spoilers. So far its been an amazing experience and a very solid game with a lot of innovation. It's nothing revolutionary, more like evolutionary and I don't mean to give Bethesda a "free pass" but it is very immersive and is one of those games you can't wait to get back to when you are at work or doing other things. It's been a while since I've had a game that made me start my day with only 3 hours sleep because I stayed up too late the night before playing it, lol.

brish1090d ago

I was worried about the quality of Fallout 4 based on bethesda's track record. The comments I read in various forums said it mostly works so I picked it up.

I haven't finished the game so I'll just say what I've encountered so far on the ps4 with about 20 hours in the game.

The ps4 version does have glitches but far less than the ps3 patched version of Skyrim. The current version of Fallout 4 is the most stable game I've ever played from bethesda. It's not perfect but I have to give them credit because I heard they spent over 6 months before release just making sure the game is stable and it shows.

I have encountered zero quest breaking bugs so far. The only quest problem I had is one person who I was supposed to talk to wouldn't talk to me. I was able to finish the quest in a different way.

I have had zero crashes so far.

I have noticed that some glowing and smoke effects sometimes don't render properly but it's rare.

Most of the time the game runs at 30fps but under heavy load and in certain areas there are frame drops. I was in a fire fight in a factory with over 10 raiders and sometimes fps dropped to 20 when 6 or 7 were visible. After an auto-save when using the pip-boy it can stutter for a second.

This is the first time I've ever been able to say this about a bethesda game. Fallout 4 is playable on release!

Pintheshadows1090d ago

After about 78 hours it does dip for sure. There are a few places in built up areas where it does it consistently. Also if you turn to face a firefight (that sometimes you can't see) between several factions. However, for the most part it isn't too bad at all. It certainly didn't impact my experience meaningfully.

Bugs and glitches wise there are some funny ones. A lot of physics based stuff where a box or piece of limb will tumble end over end continuously. I also came across a door that was just a plain grey texture. That is about it really. I didn't encounter anything major. None of the quests seemed to be broken on my playthrough and no crashes at all.

If you like this type of game I would definitely recommend picking it up. Just be aware that you will lose hours in it. It is a time sinkhole.

Taero1089d ago

Where do the dips happen for you? I haven't actually had any that I've noticed yet, is it post diamond city as I'm about to reach that.

Pintheshadows1089d ago

There is a footbridge in the centre of Boston that seems to cause them all the time. It is nearby a specific tower that is usually very active in terms of enemy activity. It really dislikes it. I have since discovered that it also struggles there on the PC version. Very strange.

There are a few interiors (specifically those with a lot of lighting going on) that seem to cause the dips consistently as well. For the most part the game has been smooth though, it is just odd that they occur in the same places across multiple platforms.

As I said though, nothing that caused me any real concern.

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BlackTar1871090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

i have been playing for a bit i'm lvl 20 and i have not seen any real glitches or stutters or anything. Maybe im lucky but compared to Fallout 3, Fallout NV, Oblivion and Skyrim this is damn near perfect.

I've had a glitch where one of the NPCs was floating above ground but that's it that i can remember. If i had more or something i can't think of it which means it was so small i didn't care to make a metal note about it.

See i haven't even noticed Frame dips like above me has.

kodycc1090d ago

Same here on the ps4 version of the game. Having a great time with it. While there are still some few bugs (for me I've had my guns turn invisible and not be able to aim until I either open the pipboy or pause the game), I haven't had anything game breaking at all. The frame rate is perfectly fine most of the time, and even when it dips it is still easily playable.

seanpitt231090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

You will not see that level with the ps4 now because these consoles are just like PCs but having played the ps4 version it's runs ok it does dip to the low 20s when finding new areas and big gun fights but hopefully they will patch this soon but for a Bethesda game it runs ok 80% of the time.

Livecustoms1090d ago

The game is fine on the Ps4, framrate is definitely playable it never stuters in gun fights etc.

the_hitman30001090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Thanks everyone for the responses. I knew the hardware was similar but I didn't know if the game ran slightly better. But frame rate dips aren't a big deal for me.

1090d ago
I_am_Batman1090d ago

It runs fine most of the time. I'm over 40 hours in and it's definately enjoyable. There have been 2 spots for me so far with really major framerate drops. One of them is fairly early in the main quest line where you are in a building. It's definately noticable that the game cannot maintain a stable 30 fps during that mission. Another spot is around a village called Goodneighbour where the framerate randomly drops really low near the entrance of the village.

Sometimes it's not really clear why the framerate drops but most of the time the game runs stable. It's definately possible that Bethesda patches the worst drops because they seem to have more to do with streaming issues than actually demanding tasks.

Marked1090d ago

Joe did a pretty good job of explaining it. Bethesda did a poor job optimizing on all platforms. Beside the glitches the game is very engaging.

kraenk121090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

then why does my PC version run perfectly fine on my middleclass PC with 4 year old CPU?!

Malphite1090d ago

@kraenk12: Have you been in Corvega or at the bridge at Goodneighbour? I have a pretty beast PC and I get huge framerate dips in those areas. The game doesn't seem to be well optimized when playing on higher settings.

Pintheshadows1090d ago

Interesting to know that it dips in the same places on PC as on PS4 Malphite. Those are two locations (specifically the bridge) where the game has a hard time.

Sora_19941090d ago

Im stuck inside a dead body right now if that helps ur questions

MasterCornholio1090d ago

Let me guess, you mistook superglue for lubricant?


Tokasmke1090d ago

My experience has been smooth on PS4. Occasional bugs but nothing major.

DashArrivals1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

@ the_hitman3000, geez man. I've been playing this on PS4 for hours and hours and have not come across a single damn problem. It looks crisp in detail aswell and I'm playing on a Sony 75" UHD 4k TV... game is totally fine plays really well. I swear this on my parents lives. That is how serious I am. DO NOT listen to all these other bums saying bad things about how it runs. Take it from someone who has been playing this for hours and hours on PS4, the game is fine and nothing bad happens in performance to make you worry. Any "problems" you may encounter are totally negligible.

SolidGear31090d ago

I got it at launch and I've had no issues on PS4 except very rare frame dips.

jocomat91090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

the game runs good on ps4. i have over 20 hours and no frame rate problems.

barb_wire1090d ago

@ the_hitman3000

I have the PS4 version and have been playing since it launched. I can only give you my personal experiences with it though..

But in all the hrs I've played, the game has been butterly smooth, every now and then I have a drop in FPS (extremely small drop) and it's over so fast I barely notice it.

I've had no game breaking bugs nor have I encountered any mission breaking bugs either. I have had just 2 glitches.. 1 a frozen pip-boy forced me to load a prior save and 1, where I got stuck in the ground and was killed a raider.. that's it.

I can understand your feeling regarding Bethesda and the PS3 though.. Skyrim, is a slideshow for me on my PS3, FO3 was great it just suffered when the DLC introduced, Oblivion froze my PS3 regularily and New Vegas, overall ran good but suffered huge FPS drops even when not in combat.

IMO, I'd say get Fallout 4 - I've been having a blast with it, modding weapons is so cool and the settlements are surprisingly deep once you get to grips with the control scheme.

the_hitman30001090d ago

Well all my friends said the same thing so thanks again everyone and I just bought Fallout 4 today. I'm pretty excited.

showtimefolks1090d ago

best reviewer in business and 8 from joe is a 10 from ign

thank you for the awesome review

DivineAssault 1090d ago

If youve ever played a bethesda game, you know what to expect.. Great game but has its flaws just like all the others have on consoles

rebeljoe141089d ago

the lag is on par with Fallout 3 on ps3, no lie I was fighting a group of raiders and the frame rate drop to low it took me 2 seconds for the shoot button to register a shot

Hotabang1089d ago

heres one thing out of many that happened to me while i was playing fallout 4:

I want to a location, there was a small hut. Outside of the hut i saw a naked man (wearing underwear only). I talk to the man and immediately get an option: -Free prisoner -dont free prisoner.
It was weird, he didnt speak at all, hes standing OUTSIDE of the house, and theyre asking me to free him....
anyway, i said 'ok, maybe they locked him out of the house and called him a prisoner....maybe?'
so i chose to free him. as soon as i selected that option, a bunch of guys pop up and kill me in like 2 seconds.
I die, the game loads, i go to the hut, this time preparing myself, the guy wasnt there, and there were only 3 dogs in the hut.

PixyPolly1086d ago

Frankly, if you meet the recommend spec, game runs real smooth but you have to cap it at 60fps. I have minor stuttering but fixed with simple Nvdia settings.

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sullynathan1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

He really wanted to give this game a 7/10 but I think he knew it would create even more butthurt and because he's a fan of the games.

@Nivekki I don't hate video games.

@Lenns He would for a game series like this. Imagine the dislikes he would get for giving Fallout 4 a 5/10 or 6/10.

Lenns1090d ago

I don't think he cares for butthurt fans after giving Halo 5 a 6.

76erz241090d ago

His Halo 5 review was one of the worst i've seen in a long time. He barley went into how pristine the multiplayer is and he focused on his disappointments with the campaign and complaining about aspects that weren't part of the game rather then aspects actually in the game. It was almost how not to do a big game review.

TwoForce1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

@76erz24 Angry joe has his own opinion, but you should know that angry joe has a deep hate of Microtransaction of every games. Even I noticed that the story of Halo 5 was disappointed to be honest. And what the hell removing the split screen ? For what ? Keeping 1080/60 fps ? Well, that's true. But the game only run 1080 some places, not all natively. This was confirmed by DF. In the end, Joe take his reviews more times than other sites. Agree or disagree with him ? That's your opinion. It's also his opinion.

Wallstreet371090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )


Kind of how many review sites lambasted Killzone SF for the campaign they didn't like but it has an awesome mp.

The same with Starhawk but these games suffered lower scores. The bias in reviewers is self evident when they turn around and give higher scores to say "Titan Fall" which has no sp and they say its ok. Many reviews also scored Halo 5 higher in general saying the campaign is forgetful but its ok because its a primarily mp focused game.

I think reviewers have been kind to Halo 5, as they were gratuitous with MCC a game whos online was broken for like a year and unplayable much of that time. They called out Drive Club on it which had online issue only a fraction of the time compared to MCC lol

-Foxtrot1090d ago


His Halo 5 review was spot on, he then went onto list all the reasons WHY he give it that. So he explained his low score

Plus Joe is a massive Halo fan

Fatdrinkofwater1090d ago

Angry joe said he didnt even finish halo 4.

What kind of massive halo fan would do that?

Angry joe is a fraud

freshslicepizza1090d ago

"His Halo 5 review was spot on, he then went onto list all the reasons WHY he give it that. So he explained his low score "

and many reviews explained why the new tomb raider is excellent but you don't seem to listen to those. in fact angry joe gave the last tomb raider game a 9/10. fallout 4 he gave a 8/10 yet you are trying to tell everyone fallout 4 is better even though you haven't played the new tomb raider. it will be interesting to see what he says about the new one but he will likely wait until it comes out to the pc.

-Foxtrot1090d ago

Oh look Saltybread going off topic, bringing shit up from a post I said way, way below

You defend Tomb Raider waaaaay too much and care about other peoples opinions on it too much aswell

We all know why

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Nivekki1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Or maybe he gave the score he did because he thought that was the score he thought it deserved?

We get it - you hate Fallout 4. Your constant crap about the game is getting old now.


I never said you did, I said you hated this game :S

You know, the game you constantly go out of your way to tell everyone else why they shouldn't like it because you don't.

The game you obsessively talk about.

frostypants1090d ago

sullynathan is so butthurt over this game's success.

76erz241090d ago

After playing both Rise of the Tomb Raider and Fallout 4 extensively, to my surprise I think Rise of the Tomb Raider is actually the better game imo. This is no slight against Fallout 4 it's a very good game, maybe even great. But Tomb Raider accomplishes absolutely everything it sets out to do with polish and confidence. The gameplay is arguably the best in the adventure genre, the graphics and effects are stunning too. It's biggest accomplishment though is that it still feels like and improves on everything the reboot started while actually managing to differentiate itself from Uncharted in a positive way. Any fan of Uncharted should love this game because it offers a deeper but less story driven alternative. It;'s too bad they had to mar this games reputation with the exclusivity deal.

Satyre281090d ago

Couldnt agree more, tbh Rise of the Tomb Raider is honestly one of the best games ive ever played, if not the greatest. It just is absolutely beautiful, the combat is awesome, the tombs now are a great experience, its just such a damn good game.

averagejoe261090d ago

So you're saying Rise of the Tomb Raider is possibly the best game you've ever played?


I'm excited to play it if that's the case

76erz241090d ago

I wouldn't go that far as there are some recent games in the genre that were better (Uncharted 2, Maybe Uncharted 3, Dead Space 2, and RE4. But ROTR is for sure up there with these gems and is easily a full on Game of the Year Contender.

iistuii1090d ago

Yep, just finished TR, really really good game. It runs sweet too which is another reason I prefer it.

Savsky1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

It is a pretty good game. I'd probably give it a 9/10, and it's not a 10 only for the fact that it didn't truly wow me at any specific part of the game like all of the Uncharted games do.

1090d ago
Livecustoms1090d ago

How can you compare ROTTR and Fallout 4 lol, completely different games !

-Foxtrot1090d ago

Fallout 4 is miles better

Fallout 4 is more true to it's self, even when they swapped direction with Fallout 3 compared to the others they nailed what made Fallout...Fallout.

Tomb Raider had to change so much to stay fresh., relevant and to stand's basically become a new IP.

1090d ago
freshslicepizza1090d ago

how can you say one is better when all you've done is crap all over tomb raider before it even came out and likely never played the new one?

if you already have the mindset you ain't gonna like something before you try it why bother commenting? tomb raider is getting excellent reviews and they made the game popular again after the franchise was beginning to get worse and worse over the years. consumers have also changed over the years which is why games like uncharted are so popular.

-Foxtrot1090d ago


Have I ever downplayed the quality of Tomb Raider?

...what was that? No?

Then don't say I crap all over it like I do it in a hurtful way. I crap all over franchises which have become a shadow of their former self's and do this to a lot of titles going down that path

New IPs are better then franchises changing to a point where they don't resemble themselfs at all. Only a few which change actually change for the better Fallout is one of those.

Pintheshadows1090d ago

'and put in less content'.

That is demonstrably false.

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VerdicLinwe1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

I'm glad its pulling fans back in, but to be frank its time to pull Lara behind the shed and shoot her down. She's been around for nearly two decades (As long as Fallout easily) with far fewer changes to its game play than Fallout 1 & 2 to Fallout 3 & 4. A prettier reboot just doesn't do it for me.

rebeljoe141089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

butthurt fallout deniers down voting you is outrageous because what you are saying is true, ROTTR is the better game in every way.

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1nsomniac1090d ago

Really too many problems to give it an 8/10. It's not fair to give this game such a free pass. Even though it's only one point a 7/10 would be fairer. I would give it a 6/10 but I'm a lot stricter & more honest than most people.

FPSRUSSIA1090d ago

he said he would of given it a 7 but overall its a 8 ( according to the video of course)

BlackTar1871090d ago

The games great and i'm having minimal issues on ps4.

Actually i have thought of another glitch i had the Map was only giving me options to fast travel but all i had to do was pause and unpause and it fixed it.

The game is awesome and amazing it deserves the 8 and i would give it a 9.

frostypants1090d ago

The main measure of a game is if it is fun. You sound like you rate games based purely on technical merits. That's a shallow and kind of pointless way to go about it.

sullynathan1090d ago

You do know that rating the game purely on how much fun you had is just as if not more shallow?
You wouldn't need to make a long review to tell people "I had fun",if that's the whole point of being a critic or reviewer then they wouldn't make a job out of it nor would they need to make lengthy reviews.

rebeljoe141089d ago

The fact is Joe is right this game is trash for taking out the karma system and the shitty dialogues in it are repulsive. The poor engine and terrible bugs and coding is proof that Fallout 3.5 is a cash grab

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Nivekki1090d ago

After watching his full review I'd have to say I agree with pretty much all he said. There are faults to be found, no question, but overall I've enjoyed it more than everything else I've played this year.

The dialogue certainly could have been better, there were bugs, but the game is like crack - I couldn't stop playing until I'd had enough. And that's the sign of a great game, when you don't want to put it down.

After I've ploughed through the rest of the game I'll pick it up again in a few months when the modders have made some worthy extras.

Pintheshadows1090d ago

I am going to start a second playthrough this weekend with knowledge I accrued over my first 78 hours.

Some of that knowledge will involve how to make solid electrical infrastructure.