6 heroes and villains we want EA to add to Star Wars: Battlefront

GamesBeat: Star Wars: Battlefront is good fun, and some of its best moments happen when you get to play as a major character from the original trilogy, like Luke or Vader. However, it only has six (three heroes and three villains). We know EA’s going to add more, so (just like we did with planets) we thought we’d offer some suggestions.

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ColManischewitz1062d ago

Porkins is actually a pretty badass dude in the Rogue Squadron comics. Playing him would actually be cool.

For the Imperials, I'd like to play General Veers, the only COMPETENT servant of the Empire we see in the entire original trilogy.

It'd also be cool if EA does a "Scum and Villainy" expansion with a new faction featuring Jabba and bounty hunters and other unsavory folk.

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zerocarnage1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Game is amazing, love it. The trade off between sides and all the lazer fire, battles are intense and the different modes is good. One draw back is at the moment lack of maps, heroes and guns.. the season pass n more will sortthat though in time as it does with battlefields..

Thats a decent list

Immorals1062d ago

Difference is, working or not, battlefield launched as a full game and then adds more.

Battlefront launched as half a game. It's disgraceful.

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