Gravity Rush Remastered launch date moved forward a week to 2 Feb 2016 (EU)

Gravity Rush Remastered, launches on 2th February 2016 according to Sony of Europe. The game had previously been due to release on February 10, 2016 in Europe.

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Travis37081066d ago

This was a Vita game, but yeah it's a remaster.

I don't mind these remasters, since you can't buy them on consoles.

Nivekki1066d ago

This is the Remaster Generation™ after all.

SourtreeDing1066d ago

not like they stopped making New ips.. im all for more games

UserNameIsNotTaken1066d ago

Finished it on vita, buyin it again on my ps4!

remixx1161066d ago

No doubt, gravity rush remaster, street fighter 5, uncharted 4 and ratchet and clank spring.

DivineAssault 1066d ago

This is another game im going to import from EU.. IDK why the US only gets the damn digital release