EDGE #287 review scores

Check out the review scores from this month's issue of EDGE.

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DarkOcelet1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

They gave Need For Speed 4/10. That game is such an epic fail. I cant believe they screwed it up so bad.

No wonder the dlc is free, because the game is $hit.

Aeery1067d ago

@DarkOcelet : Always sober with your comments ... eh ?

Anyway, I really disagree (as usual) with these scores, but since I didn't read the reviews I can't add anything else.

Muadiib1067d ago

The reviews scores look pretty spot on actually, all it's missing is a 7-8 for Fallout 4 and Edge would've nailed it.

DarkOcelet1067d ago

Did you play the game Aeery?

The game was really bad. Rubberbanding AI is just unbelievable.

linkenski1067d ago

They'd best rename that to Need For Shiit, amirite bro!?

DarkOcelet1067d ago

They seriously screwed up here.

I think they should just remake Underground 2 with those graphics.

1067d ago
Chaos_Raiden1067d ago

There is a review on Yakuza 5? Guess Yakuza 5's release date is really soon.

TheColbertinator1067d ago

Yakuza 5 must be close to release

DivineAssault 1067d ago

I believe these scores even being as low as they are.. After researching most of them, it seems pretty solid..