Wonder vs. Wander: The Dichotomy of Bethesda's Open Worlds

Mike examines the differences in exploration and immersive experience in Fallout 4 compared to Skyrim.

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ZeroSkerbo1063d ago

This is an interesting exploration of these two games. While they are aesthetically dissimilar I think those who loved Skyrim and are thinking about Fallout 4 should def give this a read.

MPScrimshaw1063d ago

I figure a lot of people consider these 2 games to be pretty much the same thing, but they just don't evoke the same sort of emotional response in their exploration. Skyrim fills me with wonder and curiosity, Fallout makes me feel like a dude with a grocery list staring ever at the floor.

ChouDa1063d ago

I could understand the points with Skyrim, I definitely felt it. But haven't really spent enough time in Fallout to make a call just yet. I mean, in Skyrim, I didn't really get that wonder feeling until later in the game anyway.

shocked6861063d ago

Sometimes it's hard to see past the fervor that Bethesda's games bring with them (mainly because they're amazing) and I'm sure not everyone agrees but you do a nice job of breaking it down and pinpointing the issues

Tex1171063d ago

I feel ya. Skyrim, by its concept, has a more fantastical feel...Traversing the environment with that great soundtrack was almost enough. The builds, options, things...all awesome.

Fallout 4 doesn't have that same sense of place. F03 did a little bit because it was D.C. and we all recognize the structures there. Boston...well...not all of us have been to Boston or recognize anything there.

The fallout universe really made its mark through dark humor and zany characters. Fallout 4 is the weakest of these entries in that regard.

I still love it and I am enjoying it a lot, but its not Skyrim and its no New Vegas.

MPScrimshaw1063d ago

Yeah I recognize that its not fair to judge a post-apocalyptic setting against a fantasy setting by merit of interest in those concepts alone, but I just feel like Skyrim was inherently designed around capturing a sense of excitement and wonder with every area, as Fallout 3 managed to do by showing us landmarks we recognize in extreme disrepair. The setting itself, and particularly the Boston setting, weakens their ability to do this by recognition alone.

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