N4G Radio 08/11/2008

The boys are back this week to discuss why Braid is a must buy, Gambus goes on another rant and we discuss the possibilities of Rob Zombie appearing in Resident Evil; yeah it's one of those weeks.

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SilPho3722d ago

With the summer lull in full swing, hopefully you guys can't persuade me to part with too much money this week, but we'll see after I've listened to the show.

Keep it up!

Montrealien3721d ago

going to listen to it on my way back home, I`m sure it is good as usual.

Dmack793721d ago

can't wait to listen to this one on my way back from work today. Hey Zero (or anyonelse who is apart of the crew) if you have SC4 for the PS3, then let's play some time. alright?

My PSN ID is DMACK77 :)