Just Cause 3 Kasabian Trailer

Watch the latest Just Cause 3 trailer created by the talent of Avalanche Studios, the award winning Japanese CGI specialists Visual Works and NME’s Band of the Year 2015 – Kasabian!

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Donnywho1065d ago

It's hard to play other games after the parachute grapple gets in your head.

WildArmed1065d ago

I love what they did with the tether tension. That's the one thing I really wanted int JC2, and now it's here!

This game is going to be the hidden gem of 2015!

fei-hung1065d ago

For me, the JC games are miles ahead of the likes of GTA. It is a shame JC never gets the attention and praise it deserves.

fei-hung1065d ago

Imagine JC with co-op like Far Cry 4.

JC need a Crash mode like the good Burnout games before EA destroyed them.

1065d ago
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