Does The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Need To Modernize Itself Like Final Fantasy 15?

Final Fantasy 7 is a fairly old game in the grand scheme of things, there's no denying that. There have been substantial improvements to the face of gaming since 1997, to the extent where certain titles from this era can feel almost unplayable for some. Therefore, Square Enix will assuredly want to modernize this game in the form of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but how far should things really go?

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jchaplin21090d ago

From the looks of the preview the graphics are already getting updated so that's good, but I don't think they need to change the combat system. I think turn based RPGs are still fun.

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Kalebninja1090d ago

Yes they do need to modernize themselves. Not only because it would allow the game to reach more people but an action based system will make the battles feel more epic and less disconnected from the world. The only challenge is getting the right system down. I honestly think using the menu system that's in kingdom hearts 2 but a slightly less heavy version of the combat that's in 15 would be a perfect mix. The combat wouldnt be too fast or slow and you'd have access to using potions, magic, and other skills without having to pause the menu.

DarkOcelet1090d ago

I would really love that because i want an EPIC Sephiroth and Cloud fight just like Sora and Xemnas but that will never sit well with the fans.

jchaplin21090d ago

An action based system wouldn't sit well with some of the older crowd, but the right menu system could make it all work. I agree that FF 15 is a little too involved (even with the tutorials).

I haven't played KH2, but as long as the menu system allows for easy command selection and party control I'd be in favor.

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