With Enemies like this, Who needs Friends: 5 Villains who unwittingly helped the Heroes

Adam from GamersFTW writes "Sometimes in gaming, due to bad luck, or just not thinking a plan through, a villain or an enemy may turn into the sole reason for the Hero’s triumph. This could be by kick starting the quest in the first place, or simply by keeping the only weapon that can defeat them in their castle vault."

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SmallestSteph1158d ago

My favourite kinds of villains <3

lordmiffter1158d ago

Alduin is my homeboy. Oh and that impatient headless idiot/chicken before shit went down.

Yukes1158d ago

Good list! It had never really occurred to me that good old crazy Zant helps Link. Mind you, he is utterly insane so makes sense in a twisted sort of way :)

1noobgamer1158d ago

haha nice list! really enjoyed reading this

Halo2ODST21149d ago

Great list, I was surprised the Prophet of Truth was included, people generally don't notice how he royally screwed himself over. as well that it's a proper Halo game, people generally just talk about the lesser quality new ones.