Project CARS' 6.0 update now available for the Xbox One

TeamVVV writes: "Good news for Xbox One owners of Project CARS as the 6.0 update now heads to Microsoft's consoles slightly earlier than expected.

The 6.0 update which was recently released for the PC and Playstation 4 versions, now brings not only many fixes, but new features too to the Xbox One version of Project CARS."

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Dlacy13g1090d ago

I want to like Project Cars but I just hate the menu UI for project cars. I may have to revisit after the update but that menu UI is so incredibly bad it just turns me off to playing most of the time.

reallyNow1090d ago

project cars is good, but I wish I didn't buy it. DriveClub and now NFS both cover all of my wants I think until GT comes out..