Here's your cheapest Star Wars: Battlefront PC deal

NSG: Been a bit busy with the likes of Fallout 4 and Black Ops 3 this month? Forgot to nail down a preorder of Star Wars: Battlefront? Or maybe you’ve been waiting to see how the reviews and servers turn out? Whatever your excuse, now’s the time to get involved. This is the cheapest deal we can find, saving a tidy sum over rival sites. US and UK options available.

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traumadisaster1065d ago

Pre ordered at bestbuy with gcu ended up 37.99 plus tax. 20% off then $10 in points.

bggriffiths1065d ago

What's GCU? I'm in the UK. BTW,on US sites like Amazon, Target etc, does your $ price on there include tax, or do you get stung at checkout?

traumadisaster1065d ago

Gamer's Club unlimited. Pay $30 for a 2 year membership. You get 20% every new game, 47.99 plus tax of around $5.

Then most have a pre order option that add $10 in points to be used on another purchase. So 37.99 plus 5 in tax, so $43 with tax.

Also get 10% used games and other various minor coupon etc.