Tomb Raider Must Get Used To Playing Second Fiddle

GamersFTW writes - Poor Tomb Raider! In what has been one of the best months for gaming in quite a while, the title was completely overshadowed by juggernauts such as Fallout 4

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1noobgamer1068d ago

2 reasons for this...

Firstly, being an exclusive on the Xbox was a stupid idea... do they even know that Xbox is falling way behind PS4? Why wouldn't you even do that?!

Secondly, what game in their right mind would release around the same time as Fallout 4? That has to be the worse business decision in the word.... EVER.

mcstorm1068d ago

I keep seeing people post making it an xbox exclusive was a stipid idea due to the xbox one not setting as well as the ps4. We don't know when the deal was made it could of been made before the xbox one was released just like Titanfall was.

I do agree with the timing of the game was not great for me a game like this needs to look to launch feb march to hit big sales numbers. Alan Wake was another game that came out at the wrong time.

I do think this is one thing MS need to look to change with there games though as for me Sony were smart pushing UC4 back to next year as we all know the games like AC, Fifa, COD will beat most game sales and stop people picking up other games too.

TR is on my wanted list though I am really enjoying the 1st but due to having a busy year I have a back log of games to get through before I pickup some of the big games of this year like halo, Fallout and forza 6 dan getting older.

Articuno761068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

"I keep seeing people post making it an xbox exclusive was a stipid idea due to the xbox one not setting as well as the ps4. We don't know when the deal was made it could of been made before the xbox one was released just like Titanfall was."

There was only a few weeks between the initial reveal (which made no mention of platform) and the exclusivity announcement.

Microsoft themselves went on record stating they were still working to secure the exclusivity terms of the game in that interim (and as it looked likely to happen no platforms were initially announced at all).

In other words, the deal was still being finalised pretty close up until the game was announced as exclusive.

It most certainly wasn't a years-in-the-making kind of deal.

stuna11068d ago

It's true though! Last gen most developers choose to release timed exclusives first on the Xbox 360, because it had such a commanding lead over the PS3, and for the most part in most instances it paid off.

No one knew how this generation would ultimately play out, but many developers were basing their business decisions on the outcome of last generation model! Sure the PS3 caught up in overall sales, but in the U.S Xbox 360 still had that commanding lead and the majority of multiplatform games still sold better on the Xbox 360.

This generation the scenario is the total opposite, and a lot of the business decision made were already in motion! Like TitanFall, and possibly even Tomb Raider. Though those deals had likely been made on the grand scheme of things they were probably viewed as insignificant deals, because 1 TitanFall was a new IP being sold to a small install base at the time. 2 Tomb Raider's deal was likely made because the developers didn't feel or know that the PS4 was going to sell at the rate it has, the developers at the time were experiencing financial troubles and Microsoft were present to help alleviate some of the financial stress.

Knowing where the consoles stand in the market today I think it's fairly safe to say some of the deals made prior to the 8th generations inception would not have been made if they would have known where we'd be today!

This is likely why CoD, SW developers sided with Sony in the first place, because they saw the shift.

mcstorm1068d ago

@Articuno76 ive not seen anything where MS have come out and said that but ok if they did but you have to agree with what I have said above. TR is a great game but the issue is there were bigger named games out the same time TR came out on the xbox one and also the xbox ones biggest IP halo. So add Halo, Forza 6, Fallout, Fifa, COD even the new star wars game to that list and there are not many games that could go up against them.

@stuna1 I agree with what you have said though I also don't think TR would of hit the numbers that the last one hit on the PS3 on the PS4 due to the games above coming out at the same time.

alabtrosMyster1067d ago

We know that the game was first teased by square for all major platforms including the ps4.... Ms paid for them to delay it on the non Xbox systems, pure and simple... Then when they re-announced rise of the thomb raider they tried to make everybody believe it was a true exclusive!... Sneaky bastards!

You can think what you will of the game, dealings around it are shady at best.

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InTheLab1068d ago

Blows my mind why they launched the game in the middle of CoD and Fallout...

Especially since they went a whole 7 months between anything.

CD should take one more que from ND and launch in the spring...

Genuine-User1068d ago

This game would have done much better in August or September.

UltraNova1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

You can add Halo 5 to the mix...

The 'greatest xbox holiday lineup in history' bomb-shell of a promotion blew up in Square's face...I hope the check form MS was chubby enough to compensate.

ThePope1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

I love articles like this. Because its people who have ZERO idea (including us) how well the game is selling. Claiming its getting killed.

The game could very well be selling just fine. Remember many people can afford more than one game. Add to that digital sales and bundles and the volume its doing is anyones guess.

The only reason articles like this exists is because it came out on the X1. It's console war click bait and it feeds the majority of the people in this thread.

OH yeah and its ONLY Fallout, BF, and COD that would cause it to sell poorly, not Halo. shocking.

BG115791067d ago

If you are MS you don't care if the game is going to sell well or not. In either cases it's a win-win situation for MS.
MS forced the developpers Eidos and Crystal Dynamics to release the game in this period. They wanted the best line up in history. Had said that, MS having the exclusivity deal, the devs complied with MS decision fully knowing that fallout was out, and just before that halo was out too.
To this point, even if TR doesn't break even, it will only hurt the devs. MS couldn't care less. They have their line up. If the game doesn't do well, it's the devs that will be hurt economically. To this point, it's also a goof point for MS. Right now MS is willing to buy assets, not to just to improve their brand, but also to fragilise the competition. It's one of their trade made mark in business. Making Crystal Dynamics and Eidos dependent of MS via exclusivity, releasing AAA in unfavoral period, only make it more easy for MS to adquire Eidos at a cheap deal. If you repeat the process over sometimes, the devs will find themselves broke. Even releasing the game in other platforms won't help, as it will cost money for developing and the economical success is far from guarantied.

Companies making deals with MS should be very careful with what they are doing. They may find themselves in a very bad unwanted situation.

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Manubiggs1068d ago

Reminds me Alan Wake releasing the same day as Red Dead Redemption.

iliimaster1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

or u can look at it as they wanted their loyal customers who went out and purchased a xboxone to have as many choices as possible this holiday season? either way this game is badass and loving it so far 30% done

1068d ago
alabtrosMyster1067d ago

Premium all in one entertainment system owner to the rescue!

Number-Nine1068d ago

Played like a damn fiddle!

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lordmiffter1068d ago

It was bound to happen, priority for Steam Sales though!

ChronicPsycho1068d ago

Will buy the game in steam sale.

Chivas111068d ago

MS should've release it early next year instead of the holidays

1068d ago
zidane13411068d ago

The sales in the uk maybe. That doesn't mean it sold horribly everywhere.

kraenk121068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

The game has 2000 viewers on Twitch...compared to 100 000 for Fallout 4. Just saying

MilkMan1068d ago

I fear for the series longevity. If square Elena doesn't at least match the life sales of number 1, rise may be the last one we get. That's past 8 million units.
I doubt ps4 users will come out in droves to buy the title within a what will be at that time the one year mark.

It will sale but not in those numbers I don't think.

This was a horrible, horrible deal. Conceived at some point to counter the release of Uncharted 4. Sony simply moved the game over to 2016 and just like that, left MS holding the bag.

uth111068d ago

Especially if it releases next holiday for PS4 as it looks like will happen. It will get lost in the holiday shuffle, and won't have nearly the hype it does this year

kraenk121068d ago

Not t sure what the deal is but if it really sells so bad I could even see Square release it early for PS4.

alabtrosMyster1067d ago

The ps4 version will be like a remaster too, with better aa and frame rate ;-)

tdogchristy901068d ago

This is my fear. I loved the first one and would love to play rise as well. However if they can't guarantee a continuation of the story then i wonder why I should invest my time. A story is only as good if they can't complete their story arc. It's a cycle, they need to sell well but I question why I should invest if I can't complete my story with additional games.

mark_parch1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

how can you say it's a horrible deal when you have no idea how much Microsoft has paid them. I am certain square and crystal dynamics have done just fine. p.s completed the game yesterday and its outstanding

IIFloodyII1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Because it's clearly damaged the brand, a bad deal isn't just about $$$ it makes straight away, it's also about how badly it affected it at making money in the future.
I also doubt MS paid them for weak sales of the Xbox versions, so it probably negatively impacted Square's wallet short term too.

IIFloodyII1068d ago

We know they at least planned a trilogy, so I think they'll take the hit and have one final crack at it, if it sells less than TR 2013. I just hope Square know it was them that screwed up, not CD.

GordonKnight1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Sales aren't going to stop the next game from being made, because of all the money MS dropped for the excluvise deal.

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