ARK: Survival Evolved Release On The Xbox One Is Imminent

MWEB GameZone writes: "The dinosaur hunting / riding open-world action-adventure survival game developed by Wildcard is coming to the Xbox One very soon. The release, which Wildcard mentions is 'imminent', refers to the Xbox Game Preview version of Ark: Survival Evolved."

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tinynuggins1062d ago

I hope this hits early December. Been looking forward to this game since it was first announced.

Angerfist1062d ago

I'm glad it's still coming this year. I will buy it when it drops as early access

OpieWinston1062d ago

Ark is a very fun game. I can't wait to play it on X1 and hunt down people new to it XD.

Dewitt1062d ago

Will be putting a ton of hours into this one. The beta on PC is fantastic.

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