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The future of PC gaming, or still a work in progress? We've been extensively testing Valve's new controller.

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RedDevils1066d ago

Rather use my PS4 controller and plug it insead

freshslicepizza1066d ago

how does your ps4 controller work with pc games that are keyboard and mouse only? the answer is it doesn't. does your ps4 controller allow you to assign buttons yourself and download other peoples templates?

Muadiib1066d ago

I prefer to use my 360 controller, there's less chance of the analogue rubber peeling off or of spontaneous combustion.

starchild1065d ago

As moldybread already pointed out, the PS4 controller doesn't do what the Steam controller can do. Besides, if I was just going to use a normal controller on my PC I would probably use the 360 controller because it has better ergonomics for me.

RedDevils1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Same for me but with my PS4 controller instead, why should go buy something that I already own which do the exact same thing (talking about the 360 controller).

As for the steam controller, it pretty much the same as a PS4/360/X1 controller (minus analog sticks) but it work pretty much the same way as it. It has also the same obstacle/barriers as regular controller do ie. FPS and RTS games where it work better with a mouse and keyboard, so why should I go out and buy something I already own and does the job better? Or it is because it newer perhaps? Although I have to admit it is a bit better than a regular controller, but that not enough to go out and buy it imo

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traumadisaster1066d ago

Anyone know how it works on swtor? I just can't manage the kb in that game.