Payout: Fallout 4 smashes 500,000 units in a week (UK)

Bethesda’s Fallout is one of just four IPs to have sold more than half a million units in a week in the UK.

Fallout 4 smashed the 500,000 barrier, generating more than £24m in revenue, and that’s without counting digital sales via Steam, PSN or Xbox Live.

The data, courtesy of GfK Chart-Track, revealed Fallout 4 is the 18th fastest-selling game in terms of units (behind Black Ops III) and the 16th fastest-selling game in terms of revenue (behind FIFA 11).

Last week was a bumper week for UK games retail overall. £54.6m was generated from the sale of boxed releases, making it the biggest seven days of sales this year. It’s a welcome boost to the sector, which has suffered so far in 2015. Fallout 4, second-week sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops III and the arrival of Rise of the Tomb Raider means that the market is now just down 0.5 per cent so far this year (by revenue).

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Livecustoms1089d ago


NovaCorps1089d ago

different audience
gta is more for no life kids while fallout for serious

TheColbertinator1089d ago

If I bought both,does that mean I'm a no life serious kid?

Myst-Vearn1089d ago are a clown.

SolidGear31089d ago

GTGAY more like it (sorry I despise the series)

djplonker1089d ago

For comparison rise of the tomb raider only sold 56,000 copies in the same timeframe

I bet the next elder scrolls game could easily get 750,000 in the first week if they can get the same hype behind it as fallout 4.

They should also invest some of this fallout cash in building a new engine so we won't have endless articles about graphics.

Immorals1089d ago

Wonder how many people called in sick on the Tuesday..

Pintheshadows1089d ago

No surprises there really. Well done Bethesda. Thoroughly deserved. I have just started a new playthrough. I hope Codsworth calls me Mr Freeman. I have a nice goatee.

BlackTar1871089d ago

You've beaten the game and are going thru it again? Man i envy the time you get. My wife hates this game

Pintheshadows1088d ago

Well, I have no wife, so in many ways, I envy you.

BlackTar1871086d ago

LOL lets not get ahead of ourselves now :)

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