AAA’s Shine, Season Passes Malign and Nintendo goes Direct to the Back of the Line

In this week’s news section there’s lots of “who sold what and how many” announcements, as Activision, Bethesda and Microsoft all release their day 1 sales figures for their latest blockbusters. The curse of the Season Pass rears it’s head once again in Star Wars Battlefront, much to the Sparks’ lament.

Darren and Antony break down the news coming from the latest Nintendo Direct: Twilight Princess HD, Cloud coming to Super Smash Bros, Amiibo a plenty and a whole lot of 3DS games… Excitement is within, crying to get out – but did the Direct do enough, or is it unrealistic to expect great things before the NX arrives?

J.J. Abrams is dipping his toe into the games industry as he announces a collaboration between Bad Robot Studios and Chair Entertainment, the studio behind the Infinity Blade series of mobile games. The game, Spyjinx will utilise Unreal Engine 4 and is coming to both mobile and PC in 2016.

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