9 hidden mechanics Fallout 4 never tells you about


"Fallout 4’s a game about discovery. As you play, you’re finding new places, new stories, new people. As the whole of the internet plays, it’s collating new secrets, new Easter Eggs, new brilliant little details. It’s been happening constantly since the game’s release last week, and I suspect it’ll keep happening for weeks and months to come, because this game is disgustingly, make-you-feel-like-dust-in-the -universe huge."

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Murdah1063d ago

Didn`t know about the cover system.

TLG19911063d ago

Didn't have a clue about the cover system, that will change a lot of things.

frostypants1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

It's kind of a bummer that games don't come with the sorts of manuals they used to way back in the day. Only so much can be demonstrated viably in a tutorial before it gets too tiresome (or too much to remember).

I gotta try the drunk conversation...only one I didn't know about.

So far my favorite conversation moment was with a military bot at a bridge...
Bot: "Repeat...WILL YOU COMPLY?"
Character: "Will you comply."
Bot: "Repeat...WILL YOU COMPLY?"
Character: (impersonating a robot) "Wiiill-you-complyyyy. "
Bot: "Repeat...WILL YOU COMPLY?"
Character: (even more childishly): "WILL YOU COMPLYYY."
[bot gets pissed off, proceeds to light my arse up] (I've seen footage of similar bots reacting...differently)

The ability to have your character behave like a total jackass at times is fantastic.