Gamasutra's Quantum Leap Awards: Most Important Games, 2006

They're timeless. They're inspirational. They inspire us, make us question our standards, and provide a roadmap for the future of development. They are the games that innovate and move the industry forward...

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unleash bass5460d ago (Edited 5460d ago )

Gears takes it hands down. It raises the bar for what a game can be when done right. Although it's far from prefect, but then again is there such a thing as perfect?

Saying that though, I've been playing Zelda TP on my gamecube I got it back down from my attick just to play this game. While at first I was a little disapointed at the graphic quality(well I have been playing Gears) after a few hours of gripping gameplay I'd adjusted to the graphics and another top notch Zelda game had me glued.

It just goes to show, graphics aren't everything and also Nintendo(when they get it right) are great. Shame they don't do it a bit more often.

PS360WII5460d ago

they didn't ask what the best graphic game was they asked what inspire us, make us question our standards, and provide a roadmap for the future of development. And for sure Wii Sports does that without batting an eye. Gears was just beautiful sizzle

PS3n3605460d ago

to be a fair assessment. the Wii is prolly the first console to bring so many new people to gaming and that takes more than graphics and story lines.

G_CodeMonkey5460d ago

My prediction (yes, I'm a 360 owner who loves GEARS), the "bringing more into gaming" line isn't going to last. The controller is a gimmick (I've played Excite Truck with it). Gears makes my heart race like a videogame never has, and my wife says I sound like a "little boy playing Army with his friends" while on-line. NOW, if the Wiimote does bring more into gaming (for a sustained period), great--for all and Nintendo deserves the credit, but I'm just skeptical at this point. Will Gears bring in more?? I seriously doubt it'll get any grandmothers in playing, but possibly expand the 360 field as the PS3s aren't totally available yet.

Again, my prediction and opinion. gCM

MySwordIsHeavenly5458d ago

You people ENJOY the wii?

Why does it confuse me that these people have never heard of a plug-n-play? You guys...there's nothing GOOD about the wii! It's boring...and the controller has a very slow reaction. Did you actually play wii-sports? It's NOT THAT FUN! I don't feel like i'm bowling, golfing, boxing, playing tennis, or hittin/pitching a ball. It feels like someone threw together a set of games and sold it for twenty bucks! Just because the name Nintendo is on guys will say it's incredible! I detest this entire generation of "gamers" for praising this so-called console! How can you be so blind?

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