17 years of 'the Madden curse', from NFL to Ronda Rousey


"Analysts will tell you the previously-all-conquering Ronda Rousey suffered her first career defeat at the weekend because she got over-confident in the build-up, her training wasn’t sharp enough, and opponent Holly Holm unleashed the fight of her life. And maybe there’s a semblance of truth in that. Like, two per cent. But anyone who’s paid attention to EA’s American football series over the years knows the real reason Rousey suffered the biggest shock in MMA history: the Madden curse is spreading."

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badboyz091063d ago

I won't Buy this so we won't ever have to worry about this happening to anyone ever again.

TLG19911063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

They will announce McGreggor in a few weeks and then he will lose his fight in Dec. Imagine.

Shazz1063d ago

ronda lost coz she really isnt that good, seen all her fights from strikeforce and she was all media and celeb created hype and i knew holly would beat her well and cyborg would destroy her aswell

iceman061063d ago

I wouldn't say that she isn't "that good". She is just mediocre at the thing that Holly is GREAT at...footwork and boxing. She's more about aggression and attack, but lacks the counter punch and defense needed to be anything more than average. Plus, her footwork doesn't create great punching angles. Ronda is more than capable in wrestling and Jujitsu. She has good take down defense and can work her way into submissions with the best of them. There WAS a fair amount of hype surrounding her...already crowning her the G.O.A.T. while ignoring other fighters (even ones that gave her great matches). But, IMO, this was the FIRST fighter that she faced that was almost a counter style to her. I thought it might cause some issues...and it did.

Shazz1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

yeah you are right , imo all of rondas opponents have been miles behind her thats why she has looked so dominant , cat zingano messed up but if she didnt she mite have just beat ronda. zingano, holly and tate are ony 3 legit fighters she has faced

iceman061063d ago

True. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I'm sure a rematch has to be in the soon as Ronda comes back from her imposed knockout protocol "suspension".

SynestheticRoar1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

McGreggor is geting knock the F-out. No curse. Just his big head going to sleep.

Shazz1063d ago

mcgregor :) aldo is off the juice so will be very interesting for sure

Tallpine1063d ago

Curses aren't real and if they were, a stupid sports cover curse would certainly be the last to be real. Don't be stupid.