Battlefront Is EA’s Beautiful DLC Cash Grab writes:

''Star Wars Battlefront looks fantastic, it sound amazing and plays smoother than R2D2′s dome, but the lack of content is inexcusable. After sinking in a good six hours, the rotation of the same four maps makes the whole thing feel like a Beta test, rather than a full release. The same four maps over and over again. The same four maps across different modes, with variation in size to suit the game type. Four maps, full retail price.''

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nX1063d ago

And the sad part is, it will sell like hot cakes just because it's Star Wars. Imagine if it wasn't, it would've been a stripped down version of Battlefield with no campaign, no destruction, no proper vehicle gameplay, half-baked customization and only a handful of good maps. Well at least it runs stable this time... but I still feel like I have to pay another 50 bucks for the complete game - which I'll hopefully be able to resist.

freshslicepizza1063d ago

and how much is it costing ea to use the star wars license? you see, it's a double edge sword. people want these big games but whine about having to pay extra for them. do the math, how much do you think it cost them to make and market the first star wars battlefront game compared to this one? that game cost $50 for customers and this one is 20% higher. do you honestly think this one after marketing is only 20% more? yeah right.

do i agree with these tactics? of course not but i am also a realist who knows that if something cost more to make they will pass that onto customers one way or another.

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cfc831063d ago

Won't be getting the retail price from me, but they will from millions of others. EA and Star Wars means one thing.

Tedakin1063d ago

IF they put out the Battle of Endor space assault..... ugh... they got me.

Dabigsiebowski1063d ago

Really? What is so tempting about it? Why not pick up another game that actually doesn't screw people over. If people keep buying games like Battlefront, Destiny, or evolve then we really are screwed as gamers. You shouldn't put a price on passion after the fact. It's disgusting, and really the model will start bleeding out to other forms of entertainment. Don't give in, fight it.
Thank god for devs like CD Projekt and a few others during these dark days of incomplete games with content pulled to cash grab on passionate fans.

Tedakin1063d ago

I love Star Wars, the dogfights in this are awesome, and I wanna play those space battles..... If another game came out that did it better I'd get it... but this is the only Star Wars game.

Dabigsiebowski1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Then be ever more pissed that you have to settle with EA Star wars games. If you really are passionate about star wars then I'd suggest taking a break from their games for now because it's only gonna get worse and in ten years you will be slapping yourself stupid realizing how much money you wasted on complete junk.

Go buy Battlefield used if you really need a fix. It's a better game by a long shot with loads more on the disc to begin with.

Wolfenstein511063d ago

I knew this game was multiplayer only, but I didn't know it would get so dull, so fast. There isn't even a matchmaking system for the battle and missions mode which is inexusable. The game runs great and if you love multiplayer, then you might get 20 hrs out of this game. Single player gamers or horde mode/zombie COD mode gamers, stay far away.

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