New Race Pro Screenshots And Info

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Race Pro comes out in November and it couldn't get here soon enough. Check out these screenshots and feature list!"

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NewSchoolGamer3720d ago

I don't know if the screenshots were poorly taken but this game really doesn't look better than GT5 or close as previously stated by hiphopgamer.

I'm not bashing the game because gameplay also counts and honestly I don't know which will be better maybe Race Pro will be like GRID, (a hit we never expected) or maybe GT5 will once again be the best racer for another gen.

CViper3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

because simbin makes a good game. GTR anyone?

the MS wheel doesn't have a 6speed shift + clutch. It would be nice to support the G25. I don't know whats the point of a sim, when you cant use a real steering wheel.

I also don't see what hip hop gamer saw from these screens. They look like GTR Evolution.