2015 Game Releases (All GotY Contenders)

[email protected] "The end of the year is almost here! 2015 has been one of (if not the) best years for video game launches ever! HD8bit will be taking a look at all of the games and giving awards-the greatest of all being the coveted Game of the Year award. This will be a very hard thing to do this year, and in order to help make the task easier, I want to start looking over the games now. First off, let’s take a look at what titles are contenders for the award. "

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Timesplitter141090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

I'm looking at this list and I see tons of major releases that ended up being slight/huge disappointments:
- Evolve
- Battlefront
- MGS5
- The Order
- Arkham Knight
- Fallout 4
- etc...

My money's on Bloodborne or Mario Maker

itsjustexuma1090d ago

How was Fallout 4 a disappointment?

Donnywho1090d ago

That's funny, I have the same opinion on Bloodborne and MarioMaker.

HD8bit1090d ago

So we're they actually your favorite or do you just think that's what will win? We at HD8bit are trying to get a sense of what people actually loved the most this year.

HD8bit1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Timesplitter14- Was Bloodborne and Mario Maker your favorite this year or is that just your bet on what will win?
[email protected]

benji1011089d ago

I would put good money on Giant bomb giving goty to MGsV or Mario maker. And I would be fine with either. Both are great.

I would say IGN will go the Witcher 3 and that is a good winner too.

Nothing else is incontention if you ask me.

Mario maker
Witcher 3

Everything else is not in the same league. Bloodborne is an outsider, but I feel like a lot of people felt like it was not as good as the souls games one month after release.