PSVita: L2/R2 Grip Cover announced for PS Vita 1000

JOETSU Electronics, creators of a popular PS Vita 2000 accessories, decided to listen to fans’ demand and produce an L2/R2 grip for PS Vita 1000.

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egidem1090d ago

This, and the fact that it already has two sticks...damn this is gonna be awesome.

G20WLY1090d ago

I RemotePlay games in bed before I sleep, but I usually stick to Telltale games, Broken Age, Ether One and that sort of thing, where the controls are simple.

This just opened up tonnes more games for me to play this way, as I no longer need to think about the control differences! :^)

Lukejrl1090d ago

I give him the benefit of the doubt and assume autocorrect had a role

PoopsMcGee1091d ago

This news is heaven-sent.

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The story is too old to be commented.