Are Gamers Actually to Blame for Star Wars Battlefront’s Insulting Business Model?

Ah yes, here it is. Everyone else has left a nice dump on EA’s business model for Star Wars Battlefront so why shouldn’t we jump on the bandwagon as well? Well it’s not actually “us,” it’s really just me. So don’t hate Gamers Sphere if you disagree with this, you can just boycott the rest of my articles. Sound fair? Good. There’s your disclaimer.


A quite lengthy paragraph has been added to the beginning of the post in a blanket response to many reoccurring points being made by readers.

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Axonometri1065d ago

Um, it has 12 levels at launch gets 4 free levels in December. It costs the typical $60. It's DLC has another 16 levels new modes and a list of other things to add and is $50. Both have more levels than Black Ops 3 and a handful of other AAA multiplayer games over past years.

WTH is everyone complaining about? The game has great tech visuals, high end audio and fun game play. It's safe for all family members to enjoy and yet fun for adults core gaming.

I don't get it, other than the oh so popular band wagon jumping competition the internet is obsessed with. Have fun hating the game while my children and myself play the game with friends and a huge smile on our faces.

Aloy-Boyfriend1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

This really has not more content than BO3. BO3 had tons of Unlocks, weapons, maps, modes, and lots of customization for $60, with no need to throw another $50 more unlike Battlefront

Axonometri1065d ago

I never said it has as much or more content than BO3. BO3 is more for your money than anything in some time. My point was that Star Wars is not lacking as bad as ... NM. To each his own.

Thatguy-3101065d ago

Exactly BO3 is simply showing others how it's done when it comes to bang for your buck. Has a regular campaign, unlockable zombie campaign and on top of that a multi-player dull of content. Hopefully studios go back to offering that instead of just multi-player only games


Black ops 3 also has a ton of freaking campers and i think is the worst call of duty or should I call it camp of duty lag ops 3

RedDevils1064d ago

Call of Duty always have camper, hell every FPS online game have campers lol you just have to live with and find a way to counter it

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Majin-vegeta1065d ago

No just no....Normally I don't defend COD but BO3 has mote content than SWBF.

Axonometri1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Maps. I said nothing about overall content. BTW, COD BO3 has completely redeemed the name. All around excellent game.

TwoForce1065d ago

Even BO 3 is my favorite COD game. And it made by Treyarch, so you can expect that they know how to make a fun game.

Monster_Tard1065d ago

I read it was only 2, I could be wrong though.

LoneWolf0191065d ago

the way the game works, its safe to assume 2. 1 huge map for the 40 player modes and 1 smaller for the 16-20 player modes.

alfcrippinjr1065d ago

people are complaining about they are charging for a full price game with no campaign and no replay value
it the same crap go here disable this

black ops 3 has a story mode ?

so does bad company 2 which is the best online game
going it beats star wars anyday.

star wars is beautiful that all

go and check out pandemic studios starwars
which is the same as the old one with out any story mode.

it a quick grab cash because of the new starwars coming out
dont trust what ea tells us as they are lies

SpinalRemains1381064d ago

Battlefront is really really fun.

You say it is beautiful, and that is all.

That is incorrect. The game is extremely fun and one can put hundreds of hours into it, just like they do any other FPS.

Its way too fashionable to hate on this game. It's at an absurd level now.

Do the pay extras suck? Of course, but you don't have to buy them! The standard edition of the game is awesome.

styferion1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

uh... you seriously don't see anything wrong with that? Even on that 'awesome $50 DLC content'?

...for god's sake, Fallout 4 only costs $10 more than that 'whole nother 16 levels and new modes'

The Witcher 3 too, only costs $10 more plus they give you 'whole nother 16 DLC' for free, and a thank you note.

Arkardo1064d ago

This x 10

People are simply blinded by hype and stupidity, of course people are to blame they don't know the amount of damage they are doing to the industry with their wallets.

quantumofmalice1065d ago

Battlefront has speeder bikes. Battlefront wins!

EverydayJoe1065d ago

Agreed, the game is fun. Much more fun than alot of multiplayer games these days. That's not to say that I am not disappointed with the lack of a story mode, because I am. For what it is, it's a good time, and the lack of chatter is also a huge plus in my opinion.

GregMicek1065d ago

People get upset by the fact that game developers and publishers are in it to make money, not offer up charity.

Mr_Writer851065d ago

Whilst that is true, and if this was a F2P game then I would agree.

But this game is £50, and it's Star Wars, they will make money, so that isn't an issue.

What is an issue is that is starting to set a new trend, where the price for content goes up, but the amount of content stays the same.

DLC has become a dirty word to some due to bad practice, day one DLC, locked on the disc DLC, season passes, and micro transactions in NONE f2p games. All used to take our hard earned cash.

Yes they are not charities, but we are not cash cows either.

s45gr321065d ago

Is a business I get it, game developers make money by making games. The video game industry is the only industry to lack coupons, reward program, loyalty program ,poor to non-existent customer service, the one where consumers have no cajones like you. My god back in the PS2 days a game would cost $50.00 with online gaming/single player campaign, map editor, free unlockables (hidden levels, characters, skins, etc.) mini games, cheat codes that allowed flying cars on GTA san andreas. Sidequests and alternate endings. Flash forward to today umm microtransanctions on $60.00 plus tax games, dlc galore, no more map editors/free unlockables. So basically gamers should get less content and pay $60.00 for it brilliant

SpinalRemains1381064d ago

Using more standard business practices is 'charity'?

Its this type of Atlas Shrugged, BS attitude that is killing the modern consumer.

showtimefolks1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )


i am tired of people saying it will have more content this cod or other games. COD at this moment has way more content and it also cost 60

fallout 4 right now has way way more content and it cost 60(and its season pass is only 30

witcher 3, mgs 5, mad max, bloodborne etc, have way more content and for 60

its amazing how you said for 50 more you get more content, so that's like buying a game twice because 6- plus 50 almost equals to full price of 2 games

but please keep this up, gamers like you will get us all screwed.

games will cost 60 and won't have all the content because publishers know gamers are more than willing to pay another $50

up next gamers will defend micro transactions

just keep it up and soon to get full experience we will have to pay more than $100

star wars fanboys have been the worst so far. you guys will go to any length to defend this half asses game. but worry not we will get the yearly star wars games because star wars fans don't mind

Axonometri1065d ago

They are breaking it up so you don't have to pay $100 if you choose not to. Almost all DLC season passes for AAA is at $50. It's been this way for years.

Rachel_Alucard1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )


Thats just flat out wrong. Their have only been 2 series to offer a $50 season pass. First was Battlefield 3 back in 2012, then the sequel. The second was every CoD starting with Black Ops 2. Outside of that the only other games to offer a season pass at or above $50 was Project Diva F 2nd on the vita, and of course DOA5LR with a total of 3 season passes for $93 each. Close contender includes Batman: Arkham knight at $40.

showtimefolks1064d ago

Brother fallout 3 and Witcher 3 would like to have a word with you about the 50 dollar season passes

joab7771065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

It doesn't have a sp though and most reviews aren't fans of most the modes.

I must say as a Star Wars fan, I am a bit disappointed, but have been for awhile. It's an evolution in sound and looks, but a step back in content for the franchise. And it's definitely a grab.

I don't blame ES b/c of I'm a shareholder Amd see the numbers, I'm all in. It works for certain games despite the backlash. For the next game, they will do what they have to. And I don't blame gamers for buying what they want.

I blame everyone who has bitched about paying more than $60 for a game, more than $400 for a console, ppl who bitch about $15/month subs, but want a full team releasing new contwnt for a decade.

Businesses will give us what we cry for, from $60 games to f2p, to f2p mmo's etc. Then they will adjust in order to be profitable. And if it works, they will keep doing it.

s45gr321065d ago

Ok ummm but we gamers are treated like att cell phone users. To pay everything piece meal 😿. The only way gaming is going to get better is to get gaming out of corporate. Kickstarter/early access are the only shining of hope this generation. I would rather publish a game than buy a souless game from a greedy corporation

Tobsesan1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Halo has sp and launched with 18 maps i think and gets 18+ free maps in the first year with New gamemodes and also forge = unlimited maps. So 120$ vs 70$ and halo has.still more content. Star wars also is not even close to the content of battlefront 2 with only the old trilogy and alot of gamemodes missing.

slappy5081065d ago

This type of comment, defending SW's launch content answers the title's question: Yes, gamers are to blame

contradictory1065d ago

$110 to get all content...?
Have fun being milked..

Perjoss1064d ago

Please dont forget that the people who complain on internet sites are just a tiny percentage of all gamers who buy and play the games, even though they like to think they are the majority, they're not.

amnalehu1064d ago

I agree Axonimetri. They could just release Battlefront X or what ever they want to call. The DLC is as big as the initial game. I just bought a new car and I had a variety of options and add-ons. Each option cost money. No one is obligated to buy the DLC or the game for that matter.

Revvin1064d ago

Its the same every time a AAA game comes out, sites desperate for hits will attack it and in the process make hypocrites of themselves. Blops 3 has one zombie map unless you pay for the other and the chin dribblers lap it up, Activision have been caught out recycling maps and passing them off as DLC in previous games and still people buy the season passes. Call of Duty is the same rinse and repeat every year, even more so this year with what amounts to Advanced Warfare v1.5 and it gets a free pass by critics despite its lame single player campaign.

Blops 3 may have a lot of unlocks but the weapons all feel the damn same. It used to be a case where the different weapon classes were different and could be used in different situations but now its just grab an assault rifle and run and gun or if you play hard-core grab an SMG because its sight time is quicker and you don't need the punch of a rifle in hard-core. The maps are so small it makes sniper rifles pointless apart from the no-scopers and some of the kill-streak perks actually lag the game and it still gets rave reviews.

Ray_moondo1064d ago

I was okay with your comment until you talked about the huge smiles

Feenspear1064d ago

You are a delusional piece of donkey ass! If it's ok with you that developers to offer less content for more money then sell all of your video games, consoles, PC and go get a hobby giving handys at the greyhound station.. Because you don't deserve to be playing games. Wake up dickbag less content =bad!!!

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mikel10151065d ago

How else could it have gotten this far?

Geekman1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

I'm gonna go ahead and add Star Wars Battlefront to the list of Irrationally Bandwagon Hated Games. Right below Watch Dogs and any Call of Duty.

rdgneoz31065d ago

If you noticed the other comments, people are comparing Battlefront to BO 3 which blows it away in content off the bat.

Watchdogs was hated because the huge difference if graphics from the stuff right before release, to what had an embargo till the day off release... The PC version only looked as good as the pre release due to mods player made. Watchdogs was the old switcheroo, while Battlefront is just a lack of content with a $50 season pass.

alfcrippinjr1065d ago

watch dog is a very good open world game
it got bad reviews as they said your be able to hack people
but all you do is press a button no hacking at all

but the game is better then starwars anyday lol

_-EDMIX-_1065d ago

....yet Watchdogs did 9 million.

How many do you really think care about that issue if it moved 9 million units? The issue is many of you exaggerate the situation to an extreme level that makes no sense. If it was THAT BAD, the game would not be selling. Period. I'm not even saying they are not issues, merely that they are not big enough issues to warrant THIS much outrage, some of you have more to say about post launch content, then the damn quality of the game.

If the Season pass is the reason for the hate, then surely Fallout 4 is also crap too and deserves hate?

Your mad at optional content post launch that you don't need to buy? Oh so your mad at most games that release ever then? Really now people...

rdgneoz31065d ago

@EDMIX You do realize that Battlefront might be gutted for content, but it'll still sell millions and most likely beat Watch Dogs in sales? It's called a huge legion of fans that love star wars and the next movie coming out next month. Watch Dogs sold well because the pre release footage looked amazing and when the PS4 / xbone launched, there were not a ton of games to choose from (I had fun messing around in the MP just blowing up half the city).

As for Fallout 4, it has at least 10 times the content that Battlefront does (Battlefront doesn't even have a campaign). There is a ton of stuff to do and building up your settlements can cause you to lose track of time.

_-EDMIX-_1065d ago

lol, you mean classic hipster gamers?

1065d ago
JasonKCK1065d ago

Watch Dogs is a way better game than BF, way more content. Watch Dogs got the hate because the final product didn't look like what they showed. Overreaction? maybe but the game still came out fine. What EA has done with BF is on a whole new level of screw the gamer, and the gamers defending this are part of the problem.

Slanty1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Watchdogs better than battlefront? Gonna have to disagree they ripped off gamers over the graphics being under par as they advertised and the game play was average at best. Played the battlefront beta and had a few hours on the pc last night. Battlefront is awesome . could do with a few more maps and a few more are coming for FREE at the start of December dlc is a little pricey but if the game get anything thing like the support battlefield 4 still gets 2 years down the line I will be happy. I can understand people being unhappy about paying out twice. Lucky for me I bought from cd keys for 30 pounds. Hoping I can pick up the dlc a little cheaper from them soon hehe.

Spotie1064d ago

More content doesn't equal a better game. The content and gameplay and everything else still has to be good.

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Tedakin1065d ago

COD and BF have more content than this.... And a campaign... and their season pass isn't doubling the cost of the game.... This is one of the biggest cash grabs in gaming history. Using Star Wars, which everyone loves, to milk us dry.

1065d ago
WellyUK1065d ago

well they pretty much are doubling the cost of the game Premium was £40 and Cod pass is £35... They both have campaigns, yes but they aren't why people buy them. CoD is popular because of the MP NOT the campaign, BF is known for being pretty much a MP only game, the SP has sucked on every single BF game.

Evolve is the worst of them all for it's DLC, at least Battlefront is a fun game and a solid game even if it does lack content at the moment.

_-EDMIX-_1065d ago

Gamer's voted with their wallets.

Those who voted won.

I'm sorry but many of you really need to live with this. The majority don't care and enough buy it to justify its existence to publishers, developers etc.

Don't like it...don't buy it. Its very, very simple. This idea of hating consumers who buy products, in turn making companies make said products makes zero sense.

Supply, demand. Consumers demand more content, thus...they will make more content.

#DealWithIt lol

thereapersson1065d ago

As much as I don't like the practice of microtransactions, you are right. Gamers keep buying into this, thus companies keep doing it. As long as it keeps happening to established franchises, it will continue with being a trend because people buy products based off a name. EA knew they'd be able to get away with it, even with the expected backlash.

1065d ago Replies(3)
-Foxtrot1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

That kind of thinking is why they screw us over so many things today

The type of people who would drop their pants and lube themselfs up just as big publishers announce the season pass or if a hyped up game is found out to be missing content

Yeah well I don't like lubing myself up, I like to sit down and play a game without having to keep sitting on soft feathered pillow under my ass.

Unite for once, stand your ground and don't buy it

Those who call themselfs gamers and care for the industry yet don't mind supporting this kind of shit because..."deal with it". Hypocrisy at it's finest.

These practices are a cancer and that "I don't care - well it happens tough shit" attitude is the way it spreads

_-EDMIX-_1065d ago

"Unite for once, stand your ground and don't buy it"

? Why do you keep adding stupid moral understandings with business? The concepts do not mix for the sole reasons that people buy games for fun.

Not for some political movement. The reality is, people will buy games they want, period. The market will get dictated by the majority. You keep cursing, making immature comments like its actually helping make your point any better when it just shows you know very little about business.

That isn't why people buy games, so I'm not sure why it would be why someone wouldn't. I feel sorry for anyone that wouldn't play a game based on such things as the only reason someone shouldn't be playing a game is if its not fun.

You keep claiming this "missing content" which I've told you literally dozens of times.

How can something be "missing" of content you LEGALLY DO NOT OWN IN THE FIRST PLACE? Why is it that you've never been able to actually explain how your owned content you have no rights to? How something that is missing, cut or removed of something that wasn't yours in the first place?

The moment you start with "care" or "supporting" etc your argument fell to pieces. Your trying to win with emotional appeal on something that is based purely on majority, sales, business concepts etc.

They have no place in what we are even talking about, as it sounds like your whole argument isn't that anyone did anything legally wrong. You have no legal claim...

In fact your whole argument is band together "care" and "support" your feelings....

Who told you sales work this way? That has nothing to do with REAL business ideals...not even slightly.

If its LEGALLY WRONG, make the claim. I think you and I know you can't and its why you keep resorting to this... The reality is, you don't need to buy it. They are marketing to you whats in the game. You do not own the IP, the copyright etc. You have no control over their post launch content and even if that content was removed from the main game.....its their game to legally do so with. NOT YOURS.

The basic concepts of supply and demand apply to this. If the majority want it, they will demand more content. Such a thing is why its supplied.

Thats it. The REAL MARKET VALUE is based on who FACTUALLY buys those products, not feelings, not emotions, not "care" lol

Vote with your wallet and call it a day. Its the absolute way to really protest if you really think its THAT BAD.

Funny too...millions voted against your little cause, they voted with buying more content and actually having fun vs not buying a game for some silly claim lol

s45gr321065d ago

Well said is like PlayStation fanboys crying and complaining about having to pay to play online during last generation. As soon as Sony started charging to pay to play online the PlayStation fanboys cave in. PC gamers are the only ones that do stand up against corporations with no help of the media. PC gamers forced Activision to drop the auction house from Diablo 3 (microtransanctions), told both Valve/Bethesda to kick rocks in regards to pay mods (videogame journalists were pissed that pay mods were gone), forced WB to pull batman arkham knight from store shelves (digital/physical).

WellyUK1065d ago

What about if people like the game and will enjoy the game? Are they not allowed to buy it? Even if they also like you don't agree with EA's DLC ideas. What about if the price is worth it for those hours of fun?

Then there is the fact that Battlefield premium on BF3 and BF4 has been 100% worth it. The problem here is that the initial release doesn't seem to have just enough content for people yet for them to want to get the season pass. Doesn't mean the game is bad because it isn't it's on of the best games out at the moment.

freshslicepizza1064d ago

there are thousands of other games to choose from and what you should be focusing in on then is the indie scene because the aaa market is not sustainable.

you cannot keep putting 10's of millions of dollars into these games, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars, and not try and recoup those investments other than the typical $60 formula we have seen for years.

put your money where your mouth is, make your own game and invest your own money. nobody needs to unite, people will always vote with their own wallets and you do nothing but complain about everything. you complain about how they should make games, you complain about how games ought to stick to your nostalgia beliefs, on and on it goes.

you know what you seldom do? you rarely actually talk about games you enjoy and post any positive feedback. it's fine to be constructive in your criticism but you lean so far in one direction which is always being a critic that it is hard to ever take your thoughts seriously.

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Tobsesan1065d ago

That is what I did. Im a huge star wars Fan and battlefront 2 is at my top games of all time, but this new one is just a joke. I will never buy a half assed game for 120$. This Low sales for a star wars game right before a movie show im not the only one.

contradictory1065d ago

yup. It's basically digging your own grave when you buy these games and THEN complain about it haha

Or atleast a grave for your money...
A grave filled with piss...

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