The Nintendo Objective: Why I Love Nintendo Directs

Michael Bowerman of Gaming Rebellion writes about why he personally loves Nintendo Direct so much. He points out many of the things that make Nintendo Directs so enjoyable, and so different from other press releases.

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tweet751064d ago

Nintendo seems to do a better job keeping surprises than any other company. Its great to watch Nintendo direct for surprises. Nintendo Direct is like having E3 for Nintendo multiple times a year without the awkward live onstage moments.

namEuser1064d ago

Keep'em coming Nintendo :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1064d ago

If Nintendo packed in a "Cloud"-level surprise in every Direct, like a surprise game reveal no one expected could even happen, they'd be back in the spot-light in a snap.

iSuperSaiyanGod1064d ago

They need 3rd party support to bring them back into the spotlight . Nintendo will never catch up w Sony or Microsoft if they can't even get the yearly regulars to appear on the consoles . Yeah their exclusives are great, but I need more than Mario & Zelda . (I own a wii u btw) but for my gaming needs besides Mario, Zelda & donkey kong . I have no need to touch the wii u .

wonderfulmonkeyman1064d ago

They had the yearly regulars year 1 for Wii U.
But no one touched them regardless.

It's not just a matter of "having them".

They need to be delivered to the console in a way that will "attract their fans".

If there's nothing different about the NX versions, or worse, if the NX versions lack any content whatsoever compared to other versions, then no one will get third parties on NX, and third parties will abandon it again.

Straight ports won't cut the mustard any more.
They need to find a way to convince people that the NX will be THE place to get some of these multiplats.

iSuperSaiyanGod1064d ago

that too^ . nintendo home system are great second system and child friendly systems. first choice home system? not currently, the wii u system as a whole is pretty slow . getting in and out of apps can be rediclously slow, and the online gaming is still stuck in the past with them . i didn't buy my wii u untill i had my ps4 . i need more from nintendo and right now they currently have not met that for me to buy on launch day products .they do have great first party gamess though!

GordonKnight1063d ago

What NX needs to attract 3rd companies is have enough power to reach 1080p @ 60fps with ease. This will save developers time & money. Just imagine if the NX had every game at 1080p @ 60fps with an online system on par with Xbox live. All third-party companies and hard-core gamers would be all over it.

clouds51064d ago

The thing is, just imagine if they had all the multiplats and comparable performance to ps4. Including online services and some sort of achievement system. With all the amazing exclusives I'm pretty sure it would do very well.
Gamers expect a certain standard these days, and that is something Nintendo has to match. They make very interesting and innovative stuff but most gamers aren't interested in that.
Me personally I bought both wii and wii u simply because they offered new input methods and loved both for that (when it worked) and especially the wii u has some amazing games on it, sadly metroid and zelda my favorite nintendo franchises are still missing! :(