Star Wars fans should boycott EA's Battlefront

Nerd Reactor's Cory on why fans should boycott EA's Battlefront.

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sammarshall1021065d ago

I already have...

No campaign was enough for me

Battlefront had a ton of potential

Quickstrike1065d ago

I also boycotted it,

No space battles?
No clone wars? (Say what you want about the movies but the battles were awesome)
No single player?
it has less content then the previous games.

yarbie10001065d ago

There's a lot you can do single player
Fighter Squadron. Ever heard about it? What's the difference? Because the background scene isn't black with stars?

nX1065d ago

I only bought it because of the PSN cashback promotion but I regret supporting this horrible business model. It's fun but it's definitely not worth 60 bucks.

Phoenix761065d ago


I think the point he's trying to get at is that there is NO classic DeathStar trench run or battle over endor type space battles. Which (as I've said in a previous post) will probably be one of the DLC packs, for which EA, will be asking money for and IMO just wrong.

Revvin1065d ago

Luckily I've bought it on Pc, PS4 and XBOX One to make up the're welcome

Dee_Blessed1064d ago

It has less content than normal games...than indies....than pacman

kitsune4511064d ago

I don't want a campaign, I want more maps.

TedCruzsTaint1064d ago


I highly doubt that.

And, if so, congratulations!
You bought half a game, three times over.

So many people are impressed.

Revvin1062d ago

@SlapHappyJesus Yes I have, I love Star Wars, love what DICE has done with Battlefront and have friends on all three systems

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Dynasty20211065d ago

EVERYONE should boycott this, or at least get a refund.

They've hidden over 50% of the game behind a DLC paywall, it's disgusting.

And the only reason this will succeed, is because people will buy this game because of the name and that's it.

By the time they realize how shallow and boring the game is and are done with it, EA will have made their money and be laughing.

antz11041064d ago

Maybe, just maybe, this game will succeed because people enjoy it?

How dare they release a game with 15 maps and 10 game modes, then pledge to support it post launch!!

Lol seriously listen to yourself. If you don't like the game or don't want to play it fine, but don't act like DICE owes you more when you have a choice to buy or not buy their product. That's the real disgusting part.

eyeDEVOUR1064d ago

this game just lacks as a basic shooter to start with. no in game mic system,no clan support, no ladders, and 2 whole ppl cqn group together lol wow. sick to death of giving DICE qnother chance. after mirrors edge 2 ill never buy another game of theres.

and why do developers insist on overtheshoulder 3rd person view? that shit is horrible and ruined socom yet they still do it and fucked this game up with it as well.

WellyUK1065d ago

Yeah because DICE always makes the best Campaigns... No loss at all having no SP considering the other 2 games didn't have a campaign either. Galactic Conquest is NOT a campaign it's just a MP map with bots on.

ShadowKing-1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

everyone should boycott COD, they hide over 50% of the game behind a DLC wall and they charge the same thing.

Oh wait, its ok for COD to do it, but any other game might as well beat the door down right.

Not to mention COD devs laugh every year because all they do is apply a skin pack and re-release it every year.

SegaGamer1065d ago


Who said it was ok with COD ? Just because we are Battlefront fans it doesn't mean we like and play COD too you know.

WellyUK1065d ago

@SegaGamer Think he was supposed to reply to the comment above.

StanleyRoper1065d ago

Yeah. I have no use for this trash. Terrible, terrible, greedy business model. Much better games to buy, for sure. F*** em'.

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yarbie10001065d ago

I'm gonna go enjoy Battlefront
Enjoy your boycott

Aloy-Boyfriend1065d ago

Pretty much. Let the Internet bitch about everything and enjoy the game. It's goood

Codewow1065d ago

It's okay if you enjoy battlefield. Despite the claims by dice that's it's not a reskin of Battlefield. It definitely feels like one. I don't blame people for boycotting it. Especially considering the ultimate lack of content that they get for $60.
A Naughty Dog spokesperson or whoever said that gamers should pay for good content. I agree with that too. What we don't see is developers supplying that good content to pay for. In my opinion $60 for Battlefront is too much. It's online only and disappears once EA decides they don't want to keep the servers up.

antz11041064d ago

@ above, the BFII servers lasted 9 years before they went down, that's a great run. There's no reason to doubt the longevity of the series.

SpinalRemains1381065d ago

Me too. About to log back on and play the game because it's awesome.

It's like I woke up in bizzarro world or something.

If you love Star Wars, then you will love this game. It really is fun as hell.

Majin-vegeta1065d ago

I have boycotted it already....until they bundle it with all the DLC.I will pick it up

ArchangelMike1065d ago

That's a bit of an oxymoron.

Star Wars fan. Boycott a Star Wars game.


Dynasty20211065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

I don't think oxymoron means what you think it means.

"Microsoft Works" is an oxymoron because there is a product CALLED Microsoft Works...

Lennoxb631065d ago

I see a split with gamers with this game. Some find it fun, some don't.

But wait... Isn't that with every game? Buy what you want. Most of the people are b*tching on the internet are going to buy it anyway. Like they do COD. I'm enjoying it though.


Anyone remember the games kotor or jedi outcast series ? Man where the heck are those cause they kicked ass

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