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Matt at Codec Moments writes:

"It’s the annual release of the Call of Duty game, and with ever decreasing fanfare, Black Ops III is amongst us. Treyarch have a hefty job of maintaining Activision’s sales expectations and keeping the gamers happy, and being arguably the second best developer of the franchise (after Infinity Ward), have they managed to pull it off once again?"

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Hugos1159d ago

Another review, but note is nice. Almost ideal. Many of reviewes gaves this game high notes, but new CoD dont deserves for hig and very high notes. There no freshness in this game. Its still that same CoD. After looking on Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, where deveolper dices to make this game only for next-gen and rebuild whole Sniper Ghost Warrior concept im starting to thing, that many of developers are just careful makign any changes to the good known IPs.