'Star Wars: Battlefront' Should Cost $20

Forbes: I can’t recommend anyone but diehard Star Wars fans should buy Star Wars: Battlefront at $60. But I’d easily recommend it at $20.

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-Foxtrot1063d ago

It's like it was originally planned as a download only Star Wars title to be release alongside the new film which was later changed to Battlefront so they could release it at retail to justify charging people a shit load of money for it

affrogamer1062d ago

it should be F2P with how much the DLC costs

poppinslops1062d ago

I'm just gonna wait for EA to put it in the Access Vault... not quite the same as F2P, but close enough.

Black0ut1062d ago

I'm with you there poppins. Very dissapointing to see all the extra dlc costs on top of the over priced base game.

Waiting for it to be added to the vault as well unfortunately. It is a good game though =(

HammadTheBeast1062d ago

In all honesty, people would be better off waiting about 6 months until they release the premium edition. I bought BF4 this year for ~$25 on the PS+ sale where it came with all the DLC and it's a ton of content with regular patches.

antz11041061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Youre seriously rating the quality of a game based on its DLC? What if they hadn't announced a season pass? Would you still feel that way? Lol bottom line at the end of the day you don't have to buy the season pass.

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Summons751062d ago

I just love how you troll and haven't even played the game. The game is full of content and more importantly it's FUN. Yes, so they made it clear they are doing DLC but everything is being made AFTER the game released unlike Call of Duty which has content cut from it to release in a map pack later on....I don't see you complaining about that. Funny how it's okay for one game to release and have dlc but because another company is doing the same thing then it's an outrage.

-Foxtrot1062d ago

You really throw the troll term around far too often and towards a lot of people aswell.

"and haven't even played the game"

I've played the beta to death and the free 10 hours on Origin. I feel like I've experienced everything the game has to offer and I didn't even buy it. That's how bad it is.

"The game is full of content"

You've literally just lost me before you even got started

It's shallow as hell, even the reviews say the same thing.

"the game released unlike Call of Duty which has content cut from it to release in a map pack later on"

Look I hate COD but Black Ops III has more content then this.

".I don't see you complaining about that"

Rewind to about 2-3 years ago and you know I did.

Summons I'd like to thank you personally for being one of the shinning examples of why developers are so busy f****** us over with this shitty practices. You've actually deluded you're self there isn't anything wrong with the game.

If you find it "fun" fair enough but don't come up with bullshit things like how the game is "full of content" when it's not then to add a cherry on top of you're exaggerated lies finish it off with the typical "you're a troll" comeback like it somehow downplays my opinion...or at least you want it to do that so yours looks superior

Eiyuuou1062d ago

You don't see him complaining about CoD because, pardon the language, he doesn't give two fucks about CoD. He, like so many of us, cared a lot about Battlefront and desperately hoped that they wouldn't fuck it up.

They delivered quality, but locked the quantity behind a 50$ paywall. And of course they're making it after the game's release. After all, they released an unfinished game.

Hell, a 20$ season pass would have at least been acceptable for many. But 50$?
If you think that's acceptable you're either

A) Rich
B) Fanboy till death
C) (gonna bring it euphemistically) A very weird person

seanpitt231062d ago

@Foxtrot I agree if you want the full game of star wars it will cost you $110 if you want half a game it will be $60. EA are way to greedy for my tastes and are not getting my money.

Immorals1062d ago

@Eiyuuou +Well said

Couldn't have put it any better. If this game wasn't battlefront, it'd get slated and everyone would move on.

illAmpThunder1062d ago

If u dont think dice didnt plan dlc 4 battefront before the retail release then ur mistaken . And bo3 has more content then battefront even w/ cut content just saying . Dont be an fanboy and call dice out they dont deserve 60$ 4 what they shipped day 1 . Seriously the game has 11 weapons dice should be ashamed seriously 11 weapons in a fps

HammadTheBeast1062d ago

You can't even compare CoD to this, it has 2 campaigns, the dead ops campaign, a full multiplayer experience (like SW:BF), as well as a huge zombies experience (could be compared to the side missions in SW:BF).

ChuckTheIceMan1062d ago

I've played the game, and I won't play it anymore. It's not even half a game. An "okay" campaign wouldn't have saved this game. It feels hallow and shallow. But they though that because there were a few buzz pieces (ie. darth vader, han solo) that people were going to overlook that and still buy the game. Well I know I've learned my lesson. I won't be buying any new games at launch. Like this one I have a friend who buys everything (preordered) so I just go to his house and try them out. I did play the beta but gave it the benefit of being a "beta". This game is so bad in my opinion we shouldn't even be talking about it anymore.

dmeador1062d ago

@Foxtrot your arguments have some weight. But its always funny to me when people like you put in 10 hours+ whatever hours playing the beta to death equals, and then claim how its not worth over $20. If it was as horrible as you say, then why didn't you stop playing it? If I can get 25+ hours out of something that cost $60 then I'm happy

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1062d ago
awi59511062d ago

All battlefield games before bad company had no single player and i loved them all and played the crap out of them. Unreal tournament and quake didnt have single player and i loved the crap out of them as well. So if the multiplayer is great you dont need single player. But the premium memberships and season passes are stupid by EA. Thats why i bought all my battlefield premium memberships in another country so it only cost me 16 dollars at launch with the exchange rates at the time lol.

antz11041061d ago

Lol this is why people call you a troll. You are always the first person to line up in Battlefront articles to tear it down, and grossly overstate the situation.

You know that people have the option NOT to buy the season pass right? And that it is possible for them to thoroughly enjoy it that way? So please come off the whole "this game costs a s$$$ load of money". Unless you're angry it costs $60 in which case sorry, that's the going rate for games today, and has been for roughly ten years.

Just because you find the game shallow doesn't mean everyone else does. Maybe you're also being called a troll because you throw around your opinion like fact. If you don't want to support the game great but don't come down on others because they do, calling them the problem. The problem is people like you think you are entitled to more when DICE has stated from the beginning what they were making and what they were doing; and you just don't like it. Move on.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1063d ago

No season pass should cost more than $25

pompombrum1062d ago

Lol the season pass will probably end up with more content than the full retail game. Neither really worth the cost though.

HammadTheBeast1062d ago

It's already confirmed lol, there's more maps in the season pass than the base game.

Summons751062d ago

tell that to call of duty....but that's okay

seanpitt231062d ago

At least call of duty you get a campaign, zombies and MP that gives me enough content there for my $60 I don't really need to buy DLC fo it. For star wars you need to buy the season pass just to make it a full game.

TwoForce1062d ago

I totally agree with you.

sammarshall1021063d ago

Or at least $30

Half the price for a half of a game being multiplayer only and short on content

Rimeskeem1063d ago

Have any of you complaining about the game actually played it?

It's incredibly fun and addicting especially if you enjoy the Star Wars universe. I'm not saying I like the way EA did the transactions but for gods sake the game they made is phenomenal!

pompombrum1062d ago

They did an excellent job creating a faithful Star Wars experience.. the problem is, that's the only really great thing about the game. If you take away the Star Wars setting, you're left with a fairly average bland FPS game and this is from DICE, a developer most of us have extremely high expectations from.

isa_scout1062d ago

You could say that about almost any franchise though. If another developer made a game like COD no one would care because we already have COD. Star Wars has went a long time without a proper videogame and the gameplay is faithful to the Star Wars universe. Once the nostalgia/excitement wears off sure every game seems bland or boring, but right now for me nothing compares. Skimming the surface of an AT-AT,rolling to the left, and shooting down a tie interceptor while being chased by X-wings is pure fan fulfillment. Maybe I'm a little biased(I named my first son Luke from Star Wars) but the last time I experienced MP this good was a long time ago.....In a galaxy far far away....? ;)

garrettbobbyferguson1062d ago


I'm convinced posts like these are made by EA/DICE employees. But I guess the game is faithful because they have Stormtroopers versus Rebels. But please remind me again how (for example) all troops having jetpacks is faithful.

Trekster_Gamer1062d ago

Yes I'm a huge star Wars fan!!!
I have spent about 3 hours with the game and I found it quite lacking in many areas for a full priced game!

They should release a FREE single player Campaign to correct the error of their ways!

isa_scout1062d ago

I actually said this to my brother today. I'm loving the game, but playing those missions really makes you want a proper campaign. Hopefully they go all out with the nxt installment.

Eiyuuou1062d ago

If only that was the real problem here...

frostypants1062d ago

How addicting and fun a game is doesn't necessarily justify its cost. Rocket League is insanely fun and addicting and it's $20. The amount of content does matter.

iceman061062d ago

But, you nailed the issue. Value, at least how it is commonly used, is extremely subjective. If people have fun, they are willing to pay MORE for that fun. See any FTP game for that. Fun is also subjective. I've seen many people say that they would have happily paid more for Rocket League. Had they released it at $60 would it have caught on? I highly doubt it.

seanpitt231062d ago

Give it time I was blown away initially then you start to realise. :( I played 20 hours in total including the beta.

ChuckTheIceMan1062d ago

I have played and it's not fun or addicting at all. It was fun for the first 2 hours. But it's like a game demo. It's not even half a game, it's 1/3 of a bad game!

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raggy-rocket1062d ago

Be fair, they are a business at the end of the day, more like $40.

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