'Star Wars: Battlefront's' Fighter Squadron Is So Good It's Almost Its Own Game

Forbes: Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron is one of my favorite things about this game. It takes a lot of skill to be effective in aerial to ground combat in the other modes that allow star fighters but Fighter Squadron is purely about fighter versus fighter combat. This mode is in desperate need of expansion not because the game mode is lacking, but because I want to see more of it.

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Tedakin1091d ago

Agreed. It's incredible and worth the price almost by itself. It's almost all I play in the game.

Immorals1091d ago

Needs more sub game modes. And the special ships need to be more than laser sponges!

Chaosdreams1091d ago

Well don't tell EA that, they will take it out of the sequel and attach it to the season pass.