After Raising $155k on Kickstarter Zombie Survival Game The Dead Linger is Dead

Serena Nelson writes: "Okay, so let's get the giant putrid elephant out of the way first. Despite raising roughly $155k on Kickstarter in 2012, and being released on Steam Early Access in 2013, The Dead Linger has officially been shelved indefinitely."

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guitarded771067d ago

Well, Kickstarter is still a gamble. Not everything is gonna make it. Probably too ambitious of a project fro the builders. I think Zombies are on the downturn too... FINALLY!!! Sorry, I'm really sick of zombies.

1067d ago
MJunior1067d ago

155K for this game is not enough?

GregMicek1067d ago

Even more than that when you consider that it was on Early Access for quite a while, so they also got money from that channel as well.

MJunior1067d ago

Oh no. Scams has leveled up.

1067d ago