Halo 5: Guardians Battle of Shadow and Light Gameplay Trailer

EB: A new trailer for Halo 5: Guardians’ Battle of Shadow and Light update has been released, and it shows off some big team battle gameplay, as well as a few of the cosmetic items that the update unlocks.

You can see a few of the big team battle maps, the new assassination, the new armor, as well as some of the new Legendary REQ items that are now available thanks to the update.

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Septic1160d ago

Man Forge is gonna be sick. The toolset looks friggin epic!

I'm gonna try and recreate all the Goldeneye maps in it .

Notellin1159d ago

When you do I'll be playing custom games on those maps!

3-4-51159d ago

Knowing we can make big BTB maps = We have no limits for Team Slayer / Arena maps. <----- That is what has me most excited about Forge.

That I will be able to do what I want while creating and not be worried about the limitations of what it can handle.

spicelicka1160d ago

So amped for thisss. Also the map aesthetics are disappointing.