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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is the latest in the Mario Tennis series, and the first to finally enter the era of HD. Does this title deliver as a Mario Tennis entry for the current generation, or is it really just shinier with a few tweaks and the biggest, cutest Sprixie you ever did see?

Jason from Always Nintendo reviews!


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DasTier1091d ago

Headline could be a star wars battlefront review

Veneno1091d ago

Amateur review. He says there's not enough content,but does not tell us what content there actually is. Is there a story mode? A challenge mode? Career mode? Mini games? Creation mode? How are we to conclude "lack of content" with no mention of what the game has to offer?

Starbucks_Fan1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

That sucks. The Mario Tennis games usually have a lot of content.

No tournament mode is stupid