Rainbow Six Siege Goes Into Open Beta on November 25

Rainbow Six Siege is almost here, but before it launches, the developers want to give everyone one more chance to try it out. That’s why they will be running an Open Beta on all platforms from November 25 through November 29. This is your opportunity to hop in, play with the operators, check out a few of the maps and modes on offer, and help the developers run one last stress test before the game officially launches on December 1 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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scark921091d ago

Nice one! Loved the closed beta, played with a friend, now I can play with more! Still not sure if I am going to buy it since its online focused but still cool.

3-4-51091d ago

They were smart to delay the launch of this.

MetroidFREAK211091d ago

I'll play this again to see if they fixed anything. Hopefully they did :D... And if the game flows better, maybe a purchase will be in order ;)

1091d ago
joaovictorop1091d ago

I pre ordered this game and expected to download the Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 before the launch date, but I can´t do that!!!! This is terrible, these old games are already there, so let me play it. They would be the first games to try the retrocompatibility on XONE but Ubi$oft don´t let me do that.

spicelicka1091d ago

Lack of campaign pushed my hype meter from 10 to a 1.

Salooh1090d ago

Don't expect something unless it's announced lol. I guarantee that you will feel disappointed again with that logic.

Ask for it but don't expect it. There is a difference there.

spicelicka1090d ago

Well I will expect a game to have a campaign if all it's predecessors had campaigns. When it was first announced it was implied to have a campaign, and when they showed it at E3 it looked like the co-op portion of the campaign.

The didn't even tell anyone until September that it would be multiplayer only. On top of that the multiplayer is so damn small, I wouldn't have even imagined they'd sell that for $60 without a story mode.

The sad part is that you're right, with short games lacking content being sold at full price, it's pretty much guaranteed disappointment. Ubisoft basically deceived us, letting gamers know only a few months before is a real slap in the face. Oh well it only hurts them I have no more interest in the game.

Salooh1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I don't blame you for doing that. I learned the hard way too. My expectations most of the time were right but the other few ones really hurt. I don't like that feeling.

Best example is ps4 it self. Even though it's strong but i expected more since all previous ones were mind blowing while this one isn't. But i recovered from that after i put that logic on me for everything. I can be hyped , predict but never ever expect until i experience the thing my self , better effect for me that way even if the thing sucks..

Accepting what you have is the key to enjoying everything you get in life (including games lol). That way even bad things won't hurt you deep and maybe never hurt you too. Some even get stronger from that experience :>

I know , went too deep xP..

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The story is too old to be commented.