Fallout 4's Opening and How it Holds Up to a Legend

While many has dismissed Fallout 4's opening sequence but there is a case as to why it may be better than Fallout 3's

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Summons751067d ago

I thought FO4 opening was really good since you got to see the bombs fall and see people's reaction. Although I felt the pre-war scene was very rushed. It would have been nice to really see culture even for a sped up week before the bombs fall vs the very convenient sales man showing up minutes before the bombs fell.

TheBurger291067d ago

Im waiting for someone to mod the pre-war trees and world into the main game. It will be amazing.

SolidGear31067d ago

Level 34 and almost 50% trophies so far. Lost track of how long I've played since launch, lol