Sony's Latest Email Campaign - Doubled the PS+ Discounts

Step this way for Double Discounts and DLC Discounts on PlayStation Store | View Online

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Mr Pumblechook2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

To 'double-dip' is a phrase with negative connotations as it denotes a person has been charged twice. In this case Sony is offering their customers a double discount which is something entirely more positive!

SpinalRemains1382032d ago


Double Dipping implies that the customer is being financially raped. See Battlefront.

What SONY is doing is offering more discounts. This is not a proverbial 'Double Dip'.

Bad job

Mr Pumblechook2032d ago

@ftwrthtx. I get the point you are trying to make by using the word double, however to say 'double-dip' is always bad. But a thumbs-up for correcting the title!

ftwrthtx2032d ago

In this case, the consumer is double dipping on the discounts.

FN4GM2032d ago

Its Sony so they like to try and make it sound bad, the typical agenda.

UKmilitia2031d ago

at end of day the same game can be bought cheaper on disc.
because no resale valu some of these games should of bene those prices from launch.

ftwrthtx2031d ago

I'd prefer them on disc so as not to have to redownload in the future.

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madcowzz2032d ago

Anyone know when we get our $15 vouchers for spending over $100 in October? I've seen no word on it yet

ragincajun772032d ago

I got my $15 voucher yesterday via email

Ron_Danger2032d ago

I got mine on Tuesday 30 minutes before the store updated!

Me-Time2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Whoops disagreed accidentally. That's when I got the e-mail too.

+ bubble

thekhurg2032d ago

I got mine two days ago via message on PlayStation.

Drekken2032d ago

Got mine earlier this week.

Minimox162031d ago

Well its looks like its you have no US/Mex IP you will not get the code, even if you have a US account, I havent receive mine but this link there are a few peoples that will not get the code because of the IP.

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S2Killinit2032d ago

How long do the offers last for?

2032d ago