Rise of The Tomb Raider Really Is The Xbox Uncharted, But Lara Does It Her Own Way

As a big fan of Uncharted and the 2013 Tomb Raider, Rossco was looking forward to playing the new game.

As the self confessed Xbox Answer to Uncharted from Phil Spencer, Rossco writes about how the game is exactly that with Lara and the exceptional performance by Camilla Luddington at the heart of it, combined with beautiful presentation and great gameplay.

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jon_snow1063d ago

OK, but it is also gonna be available to ps4 owners. So PS4 can have both lara and Nate. So point irrelevant.

uptownsoul1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I concur. Since both games are fairly similar, being able to play both beats having to choose.

star_lancer1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Nobody's denying that PS4 owners will have both in a year. However, ROTR is a very good game, it's on Xbox One NOW, and it fills a void in that genre.

At least now, someone who chooses Xbox One because of Halo, Gears or Forza won't have to do without an action adventure game. Uncharted will never be on Xbox, but ROTR is a highly rated substitute, and the fact that PS4 owners will EVENTUALLY have both to choose from doesn't make it any less appealing to Xbox gamers NOW.

saywat2471062d ago

the poor mans uncharted lmfao. still a good game tho just not better than uncharted

1062d ago
kenwonobi1062d ago

Exactly. I won't even say anything more except agree.

abstractel1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

I am so sick of this BS, Tomb Raider, the new one, while good, is nowhere near Uncharted in terms of quality.

1. Uncharted 4's graphics that we've seen so far blows Tomb Raider's out of the water. I say this as a 20 year vet in the industry.

2. The story telling in Uncharted is on another level as well as is the sense of wonder.

3. Uncharted's MP player, an absent feature in Tomb Raider, is great. 4 plays even better based on hands on.

4. Characters, again, Tomb Raider's characters doesn't touch Uncharted's. At least the supporting cast.

5. Speculating here, so forgive me as it's not fair with an unreleased product, but Rise of Tomb Raider is a rehash of the reboot with larger Tombs and generally just larger. Gameplay is otherwise the same. U4 promises to bring us vehicles and a slew of other mechanics that are not scripted like sliding down mud etc. which is great fun in MP.

I liked the first Tomb Raider, the second one is good as well (I have nothing against XB1 as I finally caved in and got one). But to compare the two franchises at this time is such a disservice to Uncharted.

pinkcrocodile751062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Last month, I finally finished the UC Collection and it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait for UC 4.

HOWEVER, Last Friday I came home from work to find ROTTR of my door mat. I had it installed and running some 30 mins later.

The next 7 ish hours I was glued to the screen, The story is excellent Thanks to Rhianna Pratchett (Missing yourt dad terribly), the drama is great (Voice acting is stunning), the animation and graphics are brilliant and the whole excperience from Tombs to mechanics is a seriously polished prgression from 2013's TR Reboot.

OK, this next bit is a little unfair because I'm comparing a new game to older ps3 rehashes in UC Collection.

Uncharted is very Indiana Jones with enough robbed from classic TR to be very enjoyable whilst still sort of looking original.

UC Story is good but its not war and peace, it's average in story telling and I think that whilst TR has better story they are still very average in the big sea of narratives.

Graphics are great but again, I didn't buy this game for graphics, my swinging bits stay in my pants when talking about graphics. They are great but thats not what makes TR, TR or UC, UC.

The machanics are scarily similar but in my view TR is and will always be the daddy.

While UC is fantastic, TR comes along and has me by my ballifers from the get go.

Bottomline TR is great, if you want it now buy an X1 or wait a couple of months and buy a PC gaming rig.... or wait a whole year... I wouldn't do the last one but thats just me

Godmars2901062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Think the point many are missing in trying to praise the XBO for having TR first, is that TR is not reason enough to own an XBO. As you state Halo Gears and Forza are.

"I had it installed and running some 30 mins later."

And that's just a general failing of modern gaming. Modern console gaming.

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bf0007779661063d ago

It will also be on Pc, too

Salooh1062d ago

Pizza please. I love you but this is evil.

iceman061062d ago

@PizzaSteve...for some reason I pictured you doing the dance and celebrating, too!!! LOL

Unspoken1062d ago

Will Uncharted run at 4K or 60 fps? Not even close. Enjoy that blurry slide show.

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DigitalRaptor1063d ago

Very true.

Nobody, not gamers or even the industry at large sees this game as being associated with Xbox outside the fanbase that gets to play it first due to behind the scenes contracts and marketing. The fact that the author is calling it "The Xbox Uncharted", when its exclusivity will be a footnote on this generation, is bewildering.

Tomb Raider will have no distinguished legacy as Xbox's anything, because it's not exclusive. Uncharted IS PlayStation legacy. Halo and Gears is Xbox legacy. Like Fruitjuice said below, saying that this is Xbox's Uncharted is like saying Destiny is PlayStation's Halo. Makes... no... sense...

Jayszen1062d ago

Yes, but you see as far as Xbox fanboys are concerned, and whether it makes sense or not, even the smallest advantage they can grasp at in this gen must be trumpted from the rafters.

Everyone and their aunt knows that the Tomb Raider franchise was by and large a multiplatform game with the biggest player base on Playstation as regards consoles. "Big Phil" as the writer of this article refers to Phil Spencer of Xbox wrote a big cheques to SE to withold the game from other consoles so that the Xbox could have for one holiday season an timed exclusive which he thinks rivals 'Uncharted'.

As it is only last week we had the news that in the UK at least the game has not sold as well as was expected and it remains to be seen whether "Big Phil" made the right decision for North America. 'Fallout 4' and 'Battlefront' might have made matters a tad difficult. If anything Naughty Dog were really clever in delaying 'Uncharted 4' and keeping it away from these two behemoths and make the timed exclusivity of ROTR llook like a poor decision all around.

TwoForce1062d ago

I agree. This is just BS. If MS want to have their own Uncharted, then make it by yourself. Not making a deal.

Magnes1062d ago

I agree digRaptor this game could have been available to us xb1 owners and us ps4 owners at the same time and the game would have been just as good on xb1. Does withholding this game from other platforms make xb1 only owners rub your hands together with greedy satisfaction if so then you are a mean spirited fanboy taking joy at others disappointment. Side thought are we really a gaming community anymore or are we letting big companies with their timed/paid exclusives devide us

Azzanation1062d ago

Your wrong, because TR is exclusive for an entire year on Xbox, Destiny wasn't exclusive to PS ever. Theres a difference. Regardless if TR releases on PS tomorrow or in a year, its exclusive to Xbox until it happens. That's something fanboys need to except for now.

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asadachi1063d ago

yeah, kind of a dumb statement by the author, but with so many bad articles out there, I'm not surprised.

BDSE1063d ago

I'm happy for XBOX owners to beta test the game for me.

Bronxs151062d ago

@arronC07 and I'm sure they are more than happy to beta test for you. Any other third party triple A games you want us to test for ya???

meganick1062d ago

As an Xbox One owner, I'm happy to report to you that RotTR was released as a polished and finished game with no need for a day-one patch surprisingly.

Bronxs151062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

@jon_snow Except that wasn't the point of the article. Clearly you read just the headline and commented.

miyamoto1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Can somebody tell me what in the world is happening when Halo is the Star Wars of Xbox and now Tomb Raider is the Uncharted of Xbox?

Can somebody cut the crap analogies already?

StanleyRoper1062d ago

Exactly. Author is a bit of a dunderpate for writing this. Article should be wiped from history via time travel extermination.

KiwiViper851062d ago

Ye microsoft should've just bought outright exclusivity

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towelie12881063d ago

picking this up as soon as i beat the reboot for the 2nd time!
awesome game
halo 5 and tomb raider and still hooked on forza horizon 2!!

ScaReCrow901062d ago

I wonder why you get disagrees.
Too many fanboys here.

towelie12881062d ago

way too many!! they are very insecure
they cant get over that xbox one has fantastic games for lots of genres.....

FasterThanFTL11063d ago

PC version, 4k/60fps, cannot wait.

massapeal791063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Same here 4k all day every day 60 frames or higher all day every day

FasterThanFTL11063d ago

Overclocked i7, two overclocked 980 Ti, 32 GB RAM and other stuff.

R6ex1063d ago

While I'm only 1080p60fps, PC is still gonna be the best version. My PS4 is only for Sony exclusives.

bomajed1063d ago

We have the same mind set!

Magnes1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Right there with ya, all my consoles are for exclusives only, if a game is available on pc I get on pc. I look forward to the day when the games I like aren't held hostage on a single box but available to all. Imagine a day when companies that don't make games stop telling us how and where we can play them.

PeaSFor1063d ago

@FasterThanFTL1 do a Cpu-Z validation, i hate pretenders.

1062d ago
PeaSFor1062d ago

are you affraid to do a cpu-z validation? cant do chicken salad with chicken shit...

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Corpser1063d ago

Way better than uncharted, I like that you have more options than just shooting at everyone you see

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The_BlackHeart__1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Tomb Raider - Scored 86 in Metacritic
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - Scored 86 in Metacritic
Rise of the Tomb Raider - Scored 86 in Metacritic

Uncharted 1 - Scored 88 in Metacritic
Uncharted 2 - Scored 96 in Metacritic
Uncharted 3 - Scoted 92 in Metacritic

If you want to disregard Metacritic, then we could talk about GOTY awards and other recognitions.

Next time say something like: In my opinion Tomb Raider is better than Uncharted. Because if you are trying to make a case, you will have a very hard time putting Tomb Raider over Uncharted.

raggy-rocket1063d ago

Dude I agree with you, Uncharted is better, but you don't have to say 'in my opinion' at the end of everything to show people it's your opinion. It's obviously an opinion, it can't be anything else. And some of my favorite games are below many on metacritic, it doesn't mean my opinion is wrong.

Corpser1063d ago

Saying "in my opinion" is redundant, of course it's in my opinion, everything you said is also your opinion, what are review scores and awards? Opinions

Corpser1062d ago

And oh Uncharted Nathan Drake collection metacritic score? 86

Bronxs151062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

@the black heart

If you want other people to decide what's best for you or what you enjoy more you will have a hard time not just convincing anyone of anything not just game related but in general. People will think you're a husk who does not think for himself.

You do realize that metacritic scores are averages not definitive scores. For example uncharted 1 that scored 88 means that there are people who scored it higher and people who scored it lower right?

Further most people who have said they like tomb raider better than uncharted are the very same people that rates uncharted highly to begin with.

And majority of the people who say tomb raider is not as good as uncharted have not played it.

Take that for what it is. To bad there isn't a metacritic for reason that could tell you what to think. You're gonna have to figure this out yourself buddy.

For me personally. I have platinum trophies in the uncharted games but believe tomb raider to be the better more fun and thought out game. Way better to actually play Cus of mechanics and levelling up systems.

Next year after I play uncharted 4 though that can change. 😎

Edit: @corpser. That's hilarious used his own logic to kill him. +1

xHeavYx1062d ago

Thing is, a kit of people think that their opinion is a fact. Like my friend Kionic.

ScaReCrow901062d ago

You said it. It's his/her opinion. Look up what that means. Why PlayStation fanboys so salty if someone likes tomb raider more then uncharted.
I played both and like tomb raider more.
The gameplay is more fun for me that's it.

I can also say I like dishonored more then halo. The gameplay I find more fun in dishonored. Doesn't make halo any less fun then it already is or uncharted any less good then it is.

Learn to accept criticism and see others point of view instead of just rejecting them. If you can't see why someone else would have a different opinion then you lack a lot of critical thinking skills.

The_BlackHeart__1062d ago

@Corpser No. Metacritic scores are critic based and video game awards are voted by the gamers.

That is clearly not my opinion. It is what the majority thinks. That's the reason why making a case of Tomb Raider being better than Uncharted is really difficult.

I never said that opinions are bad. But there is a difference between something being bad and something being wrong.

Azzanation1062d ago

So then are you admitting that Halo > Killzone and Sunset Overdrive > Infamous if your basing it off Meta?

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-Foxtrot1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago ) basically shoot most people in Tomb Raider aswell.

They've turned her into Rambo...hell even in the first one where she kills her first person and then proceeds to cry she suddenly snaps out of it where you complete the rest of the section slaughtering waves after wave of enemies.

Least Drake was and has always been like that. It's like if Drake decided to stop killing and became like Batman where he only knocked people out instead. It's too much of a change for a character where she becomes someone else entirely

Imalwaysright1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Yeah, Lara should have kept crying because that would make the people that were hunting her down, pity her and spare her life


Or she could do everything in her power to save herself, even if it meant killing the people that were hunting her down.

-Foxtrot1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

"Yeah, Lara should have kept crying because that would make the people that were hunting her down, pity her and spare her life"

OR how about some actual good, well written development

Instead of making her like bloody Rambo, focus the first half game on stealth where the only kills she does are in cutscenes such as the one where she cries. Each time she does it you see her character breaking down bit by bit until the next half of the game (you'[re a croft Lara) which slowly ramps up to her killing more people since she finally realises that the only way off the island and save her friends is to kill or be killed. Each new section in the second half would have her kill more people but still rely on stealth and evading enemies by going through dangerous alternative paths which feature heavy on platforming so she can evade enemies.

Better character development

freshslicepizza1062d ago

funny how you keep ragging on this game without you know, actually playing it. it's getting great reviews and is apparently better than the last one, maybe you should give it a chance. but it seems like you tend to focus on most things negative way more than anything positive.

jetlian1062d ago

Foxtrot you dont know what your talking about. There are plenty of areas where you can by pass fights and on survivor difficulty she doesnt have regen health

ScaReCrow901062d ago

It's called being strong willed. Also being in constant life and death situations can probably do that. How would you even know the proper reaction. Everyone reacts differently I'd say.

Salooh1062d ago

Your idea is great :) . That would be more realistic and suit her character in the game. Killing someone in gameplay should be effecting her in gameplay too since that's how she reacts in the cut-scene.

That's why we love ND, they do these things. Just playing the girl in the last of us shows how they think of everything before they make the game.

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Why o why1063d ago

Way better than uncharted,

you played uncharted? Please send me some footage.

Fact is, you can project alllll you want, some just get to experience and enjoy both.

Imalwaysright1062d ago

Why can't the man have his own opinion? Why are you always branding people that might enjoy TR more than Uncharted as "people of the other side"? Didn't you say that you would play TR next year? Why are you judging TR if you haven't played it yet?

The only fact here is that you're an hypocrite PS fanboy that can't stand seeing others enjoying a game that isn't a PS exclusive more than a game that is a PS exclusive.

Why o why1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Stop following me bro...... I'm questioning how anybody can state somethings waaay better than something when they haven't played it.. What is that opinion based on bro.. You look stupid to question why anybody can question that. Your fanboy side is showing worst than those you accuse.

'some just get to experience and enjoy both.' Key Words ENJOY BOTH

Block me bro, go find somebody else to badger with your nonsense

Imalwaysright1062d ago

How do you know what games he plays or not? You're the only one showing how much of a fanboy you are.

Why o why1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

The new one ...... stop acting dense. People like you love calling out fanboys missing the irony of theirown actions ... everybody knows what you are bro, even your own people so jog on and block me...simple

Imalwaysright1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

The new what? TR? He clearly says that he played it.

"People like you love calling out fanboys"

What? You come here accusing me and Corpser of being fanboys because we dare to like TR more than a PS exclusive and I'm the one that loves to call out fanboys?

Do you see me calling someone a PS fanboy or "from the other side" because that someone enjoys Uncharted more than TR? That's what YOU are doing. That's YOU showing how much of an hypocrite fanboy you are. That's YOU showing what side you're on. I'm not calling you out as fanboy. You're the one showing how much of a fanboy you are.

This song suits you well.

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Letthewookiewin1062d ago

Nathan Drake doesn't have time to pick berries and collect wood to make a friggin bow. It's non stop action or he's trying figure shit out to get a door open :)

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Hoffmann1063d ago ShowReplies(3)