Talking 'bout a PC revolution

The Sun Writes: Until earlier this year, most people wouldn't have given ASUS branded computers a second glance over other more well-known brands.
But the arrival of the excellent EEE mini laptop range catapulted them to acclaim for a series of machines at affordable £200 prices that worked superbly.

And now they've turned their attention to desktop PCs with the EEE BOX, they look set for a winner.

The same clever styling used on the laptops is seen here with a slimline body that's a world away from most of the home computers on sale.

The casing stands vertically and features touch sensitive buttons while the operating system will boot-up in just EIGHT SECONDS, the firm claim.

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pcgia4086d ago

If your interested in one of these you might wanna check out, ncix they had some free gifts and credit give away's to the first customers (check the site might be over or unavailable to you)

dragunrising4086d ago

As long as I can use M-soft Office for school, there shouldn't be any problems. Also, how powerful is the Atom processor? I have an AMD Athalon 64 4600 w/ an integrated graphics card. I have never used the PC for games so it wouldn't be a big deal if the Atom isn't as powerful. I'm most interested in saving green. Anyone have an estimate how much electricity I use on my current rig? Also, would I be able to play any mid to high end range games with a good graphics card? Sorry if I have too many questions, I'm a noob when it comes to PC's.

Kami4086d ago

here is some info for you...
You cant save the world by using less electricity, reciclying or going "green". The world has a complex mechanism that recycles it self so, if the world see us as a treat it will actually destroys us. that simple. you cant due anything about it. sorry but don't belive all that "green" bullcrap its a lie so you will buy their new products.

zagibu4085d ago

Forget the atom for gaming. It is very green, but you pay this with terrible performance. Also, if you still want an Atom, you should wait a bit still, as the current platforms are not optimised for power saving yet. The processor itself is, but the whole platform (motherboard, cpu, ram combination) still burns too much power. This will be adressed in the platforms coming.

mc4085d ago

...sounds, like a whisper!