Fury over iPhone knife game "Slasher".

The Sun Writes: APPLE has been blasted for allowing the sale of a sickening knife game for its iPhone.
The "Slasher" application pictures a deadly-looking blade and plays the Psycho theme when the user mimics a stabbing action with the handset.

It was sold for 59p in the entertainment category of Apple's iPhone applications store - despite teenagers dying around Britain in a wave of stabbings.

One worried Apple customer said: "We are facing a knife crime epidemic in the UK.

"This is irresponsible and pathetic."

Another said: "What is Apple thinking? This is offensive."

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BBCnewsrocks3719d ago

what else can you expect?

gaffyh3719d ago

The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Express - Most crap newspapers in the UK, chavs love them.

Caxtus7503719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Forget GTA and other high profile games - If the media actually care about these issues like they pretend to then they would focus their attacks on these sort of games - not games like Mass Effect and GTA 4.

Ban it as far as I am less sh1t game for us to have to sieve through.

This game was designed for shock value and to cash in on knife crime culture. Nothing more. It will not cause crime but it is just tasteless.

silvacrest3719d ago

I pretty much agree with you 100%
bubbles for you

Kholinar3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Yeah, man... ban it.

It's a trash game, so why care?

It's always fine to step on free speech as long as it's speech you don't like. I can't believe people don't see that this sort of idiocy can never stop where you want it to. Once there's precedent they'll go after the games you care about.

And the game has nothing to do with the knife crime spree. Making stabbing motions, imitating the soundeffects from Psycho and laughing is as old as the original movie. This is people being oversensitive.

Incidently, Apple pulled this a day or two after it's release, before any uproar.

Sitdown3719d ago

lets continue to overlook the real issues. I knife is only as bad as the hand it is in, just like it is only as good as the hand that it is in.

Anyhoo......reminds me of Wanted when that butcher was explaining why he prefers knives over guns.

jlytle12343719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )


jlytle12343719d ago

its funny. go to the sun and underneath the slasher game article is an article for tomb raider. she runs around carrying a pair of pistols and shooting things. That promotes gun violence as much as slasher promotes knife violence.

asyouburn3719d ago

now we have to deal with these new fangled "knive-thingys" and people "stabbing" each other with them. damn you apple!

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