Fallout 4 Made Me Lose Faith In The Gaming Industry

Marko from EGMR writes: "Fallout 4 recently dropped, as you might have heard, and it has been the darling of the internet. News sites have not stopped covering it since its release and we get daily news stories about everything Fallout 4 from mods to bugs and beyond. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and gamers are infatuated with the behemoth of a game, including myself. The game unfortunately dropped during my final exams in the final year of university so I couldn't put as many hours as I would have liked into it, but I have played it for a considerable amount of time and enjoying every minute of it."

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nX1155d ago

Way to give your article a completely irritating clickbait title, good job.

bmky1155d ago

Lol. He thought he was being clever, Bad writing style.

nX1155d ago

Although the article itself makes some good points, Fallout launched with tons of content, no microtransactions and a proper development cycle while most other AAA releases this year are guilty of one of these sins.

Erik73571155d ago

This Article made me lose faith in the gaming industry

kraenk121155d ago

gaming journalism for sure.

Phoenix761155d ago

Even though the title is misleading, he does make some very good points about the state of the gaming industry and how bad practices like MT and pre-order bonuses are now all too common in order to entice us to buy.

I enjoyed reading it.

Chaos_Raiden1155d ago

A notable issue for Asian PS4 players: Day one patch for Fallout 4 is still not available for download to Asian users.

A lot of new users (including me) have posted at Bethesda Softworks forum, but none of the Bethesda staff reply so far.

Jayszen1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

The writer is talking about all the positive things that Bethesda and Fallout 4 have fulfilled with regard to games and yet he decides to use a title that is simply going to put off anyone who might be remotely interested in the Fallout 4. Not clever!

However, I agree with most of what is in this article. Even though Bethesda does have a reputation for delivering games that are bug-fests at first, they also deliver excellent games and the amount of discovery in Fallout 4 is just awesome. I love this game! Added to this none of the usual crap that companies like EA foist on us like pre-order bonuses, microtransactions, game currencies, and all of the good things that single-player games once always had. The game just soaks up the hours. The last time a game did this for me was...Fallout 3!

I could happily play this game and Just Cause 3 till Uncharted 4 hits after which I can enjoy Doom 4 and then get ready for PS VR. There, that's my next nine months mapped out.

cd11155d ago

"Fallout 4 made me lose faith in the gaming industry" - get a grip!