The Age of Remasters & Reboots – A Sign of Dark Times in America

Stephanie Burdo with writes:

"Video games are more than just a form of entertainment, they are a chronicling of who we are as humans. Similar to the hieroglyphs of Egypt, we express our lives and customs through the medium of gaming. When the day comes that we are dead and ancient, the games we played will have the power to piece together our identity, since they are representative of what we wanted, what we were afraid of, and what we desired. In this case, the desire in question is hidden within ourselves —they are our own memories."

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Profexxion1065d ago

While I've learned to appreciate remasters for others that really enjoy them, it's wild how an entire market is made off the lack of backwards compatibility.

whothedog1064d ago

Only thing I would argue about is that you usually get a visual upgrade and possibly more content. And I don't mind them myself but that GoW3 seemed really pointless and almost a cash grab.

3-4-51064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Remasters and remakes are awesome for people who have never experienced playing that game before.

They get to play a better looking version of it with more features = the best version of that game ( most of the time).

As long as new IP's are being made by that company I don't care if they do remakes.

Also, if your remastering a game from 10-15 years ago ok......if you are remaking or remastering a game from 4-5 years ago = THAT is a problem.


I LOVE that I get to finally play Dragon Quest 7&8 on 3DS in 2016.

Square Enix was also working on Dragon Quest 11 at the same time.

So as long as a company is making or working on a new game in the series, I don't mind the remake.

Remakes and remasters have been around since the 90's though.

* Super Mario All-Stars was on SNES! THAT is one of the best remakes of all time.

That was back in like 1993.

OhMyGandhi1064d ago

the problem I have with what you said is that far too many developers consider that remaster a "new release" rather then what is really is....anything but.

Chevalier1064d ago

I think if anything season passes, microtransactions and yearly titles are worse than remasters and reboots. Reboots and remasters can bring in New gamers who haven't enjoyed those games. It helps developers get comfortable with new hardware and funds their current projects without taking too much of their time.

For example the 80% who didn't play Uncharted for example. New XB1 owners can try Gears or War and Halo and new PS4 owners can try Uncharted, Tearaway and The Last of Us.

isarai1065d ago

It still amazes me that everyone thinks remasters and remakes are a new thing. They've been around forever, even the NES had remasters of atari and dos games, same with sega, and Dreamcast was full of upresed ps1 games, and ps2 of upresed dreamcast games. It's always been here, i just think people notice it more now because of the Internet.

Good-Smurf1064d ago

Back in my childhood years (PS1,PS2 years)
They were called "ports" "Enhanced port" "Direct Port" or just slightly altered names.
Capcom,Namco and Sega were the kings of ports back in the day.
Remasters are just sugarcoated all over "ports" and make them more marketable.
Have no problem with them Remasters just don't half assed it.

SwiffEpics1065d ago

The only remasteres I'd buy is Final Fantasy ones. Because it's great being able to play those games again, and they actually work hard on optimizing them for current platforms. The Uncharted Collection was another good one because I wanted to relive those games again anyway.

But there are remasters out there that are clearly cash grabs.

HisRoyalFlyness1065d ago

I believe remasters are part of a larger problem, which is the preservation and accessibility of games. However that it's own problem like copyright and technological impediment.

Also we similar trend with other forms of entertainment like movies and music, maybe it's a sign of people respecting what they grew up with.

All I know is, I don't know and I'll probably never know

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1064d ago

I don't see the problem with them. I love them because I can play older classics with HD resolution on my big tv. If you don't like it don't buy it. It gives more money to the game developers so they can make more games.

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