Ruin your PS4's looks with a cover plate for £14.99

Dealspwn: Given the headline, it's perhaps unsurprising to hear that we're not fans of these HDD cover plates. But, if you want to make your deluxe console look like it's been designed with preschoolers in mind, then go ahead, we won't judge. You monster.

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Crimzon1066d ago

Silly price considering it's just a piece of plastic.

ocelot071066d ago

Agreed but remember when the 360 had the faceplates loads of people spent a good amount on them for some reason.

psychobabble1066d ago

Lol, love the title of this article.

zsquaresoff1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

These plates need some texture on it.

Plane colors if not used properly are bland and boring.

These plates would make a sexy looking Ps4 look like an eyesore.

Sy_Wolf1066d ago

I would pay for a matte black one. Shiny black plastic is one of my hugest pet-peeves for electronics.

u4one1066d ago

you sir, are a man with taste. i agree.

medman1066d ago

Still waiting for a No Man's Sky faceplate.....that one would be gorgeous.