Anno 2205 Review - A Costly Dumb-It-Down Simulation Game | COG

COG Writes: While Anno 2205 on its own is a very cool and well-constructed city sim, as part of the Anno franchise it falls incredibly short.

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Paulhammer1063d ago

Wow, this is not what I expected out of this game... Too bad it misses the mark.

Digital_Anomaly1063d ago

Agreed. Trailers made it look pretty darn good actually.

GrapesOfRaf1063d ago

This has gotta be pretty disappointing for long-time fans.

MercilessDMercer1063d ago

I'm kinda blown away by that price tag!

Takwin1063d ago

I can never play this due to uPlay. I absolutely refuse to play Ubisoft games on my PC. I always play console versions so I don't have to mess with uPlay, and TO ME (as in, my opinion), I almost never want to replay their games. I see them as throwaway action movies that are fun but not memorable or remarkable.